Top 20 Architects in Chennai

The Architects in Chennai tackle the complexity of a culturally diverse city where modernity and tradition coexist. From British-style architecture to Agraharams, the capital city of Tamil Nadu interweaves various architectural styles. No matter the style, it has always adapted to the Tamil way of life and climate. Modern architecture in Chennai breaks away from its colonial past, accepting its traditional roots with modern comforts. As a result, most modern Architects in Chennai started incorporating courtyards, timber-carved pillars, handmade tiles, and Thinnai (a threshold between the public and private spheres of a home raised on a platform and supported by carved pillars). The following architects in Chennai understood the communal mindset and culture of the people.

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We, at Wallmakers, have devoted ourselves to the cause of using mud and waste as the chief components, to make structures that are both, utilitarian and alluring. Vinu Daniel completed his B. Arch in 2005 from The College of Engineering, Trivandrum, following which he worked with Auroville Earth Institute for the UNDP Post-Tsunami construction.

Firm Name: Wallmakers

Firm’s Website Link: Wallmakers

Mawi Design

MAWI Design is based in Chennai, India. We specialize in architectural, interior, and landscape design. Our experienced and vibrant team is passionate about humanizing spaces through design. We strive to create meaning, joy, and well-being in our creations. We engage in activities of conscious exploration to add value to our culture, design, and thought process.

Firm Name: Mawi Design

Firm’s Instagram Link: Mawi Design

ED+ Architecture

ED+ Architecture is a transition of Eskay Design which was established in 1988 by Architects K. Shivashankar and Priya Shivashankar. The firm holds expertise in a diverse range of typologies with over 380 projects built across India.

Firm Name: ED+ Architecture

Firm’s Website Link: ED+ Architecture

Hohm Design Studio

I believe design is a collaborative effort between me and the client. At HOHM, our first step is to always understand what their goals are and what is the story they want to tell. We then conceptualize the mood boards so they can visualize how the project will look and feel like. We present this to the client to get aligned, and that’s when the design process begins. I believe in making this a very personal and curated experience for my clients. Each home speaks a different language and echoes the vibe of the people living in it. I love to promote the local talent and upcoming artists and try to curate and custom-make a lot locally. It forms a big part of our design philosophy. 

Firm Name: Hohm Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Hohm Design Studio

The Design Shop

We at The Design Shop, are individuals with a passion for creativity – Creativity makes us happy. We truly believe in the transformative power of people-inclusive design that simplify communications, elevate experiences, and engage and inspires people everywhere. We are excited to learn, collaborate and create with you – for you.

Firm Name: The Design Shop

Firm’s Website Link: The Design Shop

RAIN Studio of Design

Our design philosophy is to truly believe in the transcending power of design and its ability to elevate human experiences, thus excitedly exploring new possibilities throughout our design process. We create architectural works that are unique, timeless, professional, on target with defined objectives and we love what we do.

Firm Name: RAIN Studio of Design

Firm’s Website Link: RAIN Studio of Design

Creative Architects and Interiors

Creative Architects & Interiors (CAI) is a Chennai-based multi-disciplinary architecture & interior firm with a highly qualified professional team of architects, planners, structural engineers, and interior designers in India. At CAI we possess a vibrant mission, a zest for innovation, and a commitment to the nation and green sustainability. Starting in 1996, CAI has been operating at various levels for a decade now.

Firm Name: Creative Architects and Interiors

Firm’s Website Link: Creative Architects and Interiors

Architecture for All | AA

Architecture for All was founded by Athavan and Thendral, on the belief that design should know no boundaries. We strive to create well-thought-out spaces, irrespective of the scale, typology, and social context of the project. Our works are informed by the notion that, although architecture isn’t an all-encompassing solution to all global issues, it can definitely create a better living environment. Architecture creates the very fabric of our society, the spaces we live, work, play and breathe in. Irrespective of the “who, what, where” – architecture is fundamental and relevant. In alignment with these thoughts, we design architectural and interior spaces of varied scales and contexts, all over India, in the realm of residential, commercial, and hospitality industries.

Firm Name: Architecture for All | AA

Firm’s Instagram Link: Architecture for All | AA

Architecture Interspace

Designers Neha & Sidharth Sangvi set up “Design Storeys” in Chennai around 2014. The two worked together in a firm in Bangalore before setting out on their own. The main philosophy of this young studio is to design solutions to integrate the interior and the exterior, bearing in mind the cultural and cAIS has always fostered a spirit of innovation and continues to embrace new methods of construction and fabrication.

Firm Name: Architecture Interspace

Firm’s Website Link: Architecture Interspace

CUBISM Architects

Cubism Architects and Interiors is a Tirupur (INDIA) based architecture and interior designing firm led by 2 directors – Ar. Prasanna Parvatikar and Ar. Roopashree Parvatikar. The knowledge, expertise, and architectural intelligence led to strong works blending contemporary designs and unique structural models that stand apart for elites’ creamy choices.

Firm Name: CUBISM Architects

Firm’s Website Link: CUBISM Architects


inventarchitects is a new-generation design firm founded by Ar.Vivekkumar in the year 2008. The firm from Chennai, India consists of young and vibrant individuals who provide consultancy services in architecture, planning, interior and landscape design. The firm is located in Head Office – Adyar, Chennai & Branch Office – Coimbatore, India.

Firm Name: inventarchitects

Firm’s Website Link: inventarchitects

Roaish Architecture + Design

“Design is not just on paper, it’s a lifestyle.” Roaish is a brand that focuses on creating spaces that encourage good conversations and comfort in design through Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture design.

Firm Name: Roaish Architecture + Design

Firm’s Instagram Link: Roaish architecture + design

Studio SKAI

Studio SKAI is a young award-winning, Chennai-based unique firm by SENTHIL KUMAR SANKARANARAYANAN. It works Ranging from small-scale Residential and Retail spaces to large-scale Convention centers. Studio SKAI was created to apply Creative design, Technical expertise, and Interdisciplinary expertise.

Firm Name: Studio SKAI

Firm’s Website Link: Studio SKAI

Creative Concepts Designers

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Sandhya Mohan & Harshitaa Mocherla, this Chennai-based firm offers a personal design service that listens, considers, and creates.

Firm Name: Creative Concepts Designers

Firm’s Website Link: Creative Concepts Designers

KSM Architecture

KSM was formed in the year 1990 with a team of highly professional and experienced architects and engineers with exposure to international standards of design and detailing. Recent years have seen immense changes in technology and lifestyle in India. Changes that have had a profound effect on the buildings in which we live, work, and play.

Firm Name: KSM Architecture

Firm’s Website Link: KSM Architecture

Shanmugam Associates

Shanmugam Associates (SA) is a professionally managed architecture and design firm having its offices in Trichy and Chennai. The firm had its inception in 1982 under Ar. A. Shanmugam, who was the pioneer in creating awareness of architecture as a profession in Trichy, India. With a huge clientele, rich experience in the field and exploration into various typologies, SA has its growth laid on strong foundation.

Firm Link: Shanmugam Associates

Firm’s Website link: Shanmugam Associates

Design Storeys

Designers Neha & Sidharth Sangvi set up “Design Storeys” in Chennai around 2014. The two worked together in a firm in Bangalore before setting out on their own. The main philosophy of this young studio is to design solutions to integrate the interior and the exterior, bearing in mind the cultural and climatic context of the surroundings.

Firm Name: Design Storeys

Firm’s Facebook Link: Design Storeys

FOAID Designs

FOAID Fraternity of Architecture & Interior Design is a design studio that brings about a concoction of different perspectives under a single roof. From spaces to products, and end to end, hit us up with any challenge. Each challenge is met with a burst of experiment until we find the right solution. It’s a designer’s curse! The company believes in designing the site, as each site lays a new challenge in itself.

Firm Name: FOAID Designs

Firm’s Website Link: FOAID Designs

The traditional architectural style of Chennai acknowledges the climate and emphasizes making comfortable indoor spaces. The lively community of Chennai craves a vibrant and loud luxury that boasts of its unique culture. On the other end, there are architects in Chennai whose design embraces Western modernism and luxury. Yet both styles resonate with Chennai’s way of life. The categorization of the architects in Chennai is not in the order of the best works. It showcases architects in Chennai who have diverse backgrounds with years of experimental experience. Can the traditional character of Chennai architecture be the backbone for development, or should it rely on Western modernity?

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