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Posted On April 03, 2024

Two Story House Maintains the Authentic Essence of Semi-Openness | Jacob + Rathodi Architects

The two story house maintains the authentic essence of semi-openness, while incorporating a contemporary context and ambiance. It is located in the semi-arid city of north Karnataka-Gadag. Two Story House...

Posted On February 19, 2024

A Renovation Project With Balinese Interiors | CozyNest Interiors & Desquare Architects

Situated in Bangalore, This 5500 sq.ft home is a renovation project with Balinese Interiors that has been done in collaboration between CozyNest Interiors and Desquare Architects. The clients approached me...

Posted On January 26, 2024

Residential Building That is Designed To Serve Multiple Purposes | The Design House Studio

A multi-function residence is a type of dwelling or residential building that is designed to serve multiple purposes or accommodate various functions within the same space. It is a concept...

Posted On January 11, 2024

This architectural project inherits naturally rich design | Nufail Shabana Architects

The design theme for the architectural project harmoniously blends colonial influences with a dash of tropical modernism creating a captivating and innovative fusion. We planned to create spaces that the...

  • Posted On December 01, 2023

    A Monolithic Structure with Stacked Volumes | Studio Timescape

    Studio Timescape has generated a monolithic structure in Jaipur that appeals at multiple levels. ‘The Grey Box’ is a manifestation of thoughtful design, where the primary is interplay of volumes...

    Posted On August 31, 2023

    A Plush 5500 Sq.ft Luxury Apartment in the Heart of Gurugram has a Minimal and Warm Palette | Anju Roy Designs

    Editor’s Note: In the wide range of design, plush and sophisticated elements tend to increase the valuation. Anju Roy Designs have amplified the space with accents of warmth and colors...

    Posted On June 13, 2023

    A Structure With a Simple Yet Aesthetic Facade Design | Studio HC

    “Design shapes one’s life in ways unknown. Studio HC has curated spaces that are promising and prompt in their manner of appearance. The elevational treatment sees a stark use of...

    Posted On May 15, 2023

    An Opulent And Comfortable Neoclassical Themed Penthouse Design | AH ARCHITECTS

    This 5 BHK residence project located in the center of the Indore city was a challenge that our team was excited to take on. With a client who wanted a...

    Posted On February 22, 2023

    An Iconic, Contemporary House In Gujarat | MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO

    This 1650 sq.ft plot is programmed as a sustainable live-work unit for the families of 2 brothers in town of Godhra, Gujarat state, India. Concept of single home often shelters...

    Posted On March 31, 2022

    Unfolding an Aura of Splendidness by Vivacious Outdoor Design | K studio Designs 

    “Here nature preludes human existence thereby ushering in tranquility and well-being into one’s life”The key distinctive quality of this entire project is Outdoor Design that the designer Karishma Sutaria and...