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A multi-function residence is a type of dwelling or residential building that is designed to serve multiple purposes or accommodate various functions within the same space. It is a concept that seeks to optimize the use of space and resources, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to meet different needs.

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The concept of a multi-function residence recognizes the need for adaptable living spaces in an increasingly dynamic and versatile world. By incorporating flexible design principles and optimizing the use of space, these residences offer practicality and convenience to accommodate various functions within a single dwelling.

The homeowners sought a residence that embodied a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, infused with cultural influences. They envisioned a cozy and tightly-knit family environment, where warmth and comfort would be key. The design they envisioned was intended to strike a balance between contemporary aesthetics and elements inspired by their cultural heritage.

The architectural design of the home incorporated clean lines, open spaces, and ample natural light to create a modern and inviting atmosphere. The exterior showcased a modest yet elegant facade, with a combination of traditional materials and contemporary finishes. Perhaps a mix of brick, stone, and wood, complemented by large windows and a welcoming entrance. The home consists of three bedrooms plus one flexible guest/ family room, with a beautiful balcony.

The open-concept living spaces serve as the social hub of the home. This area includes a spacious living room, a dining area, and an open kitchen. The layout is conducive to easy interaction and social gatherings, allowing family members and guests to engage with one another seamlessly. The absence of physical barriers creates a sense of openness and connectivity. The living room feature cozy seating arrangements, arranged in a way that encourages conversation and socializing. The dining area, located nearby, provide a dedicated space for enjoying meals together, with a table large enough to accommodate the family and guests comfortably.

The open kitchen, designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, seamlessly integrated into the living and dining areas. This allows the family members to interact while preparing meals or engaging in other kitchen activities. The kitchen island or breakfast bar serve as a casual seating area, where family and friends can gather for quick meals or conversations.

The ground floor is planned with stilt for parking on one side and double height commercial space on left side of the plot. The first floor includes Living area, dining area, kitchen, mandir and upper level of commercial space connected by a passage overlooking the double height. The second floor has two large master bedroom & a multi-functional room connected to a balcony overlooking the ground in the rear side of the plot. The above third floor has a guest bedroom with deck (terrace) area. The bathrooms are designed with luxurious finishes and fixtures. The whole house is connected with a central staircase sprawling up, making it a focal point.

The mixed geometric flooring from Italian marble and yellow stone in the central passage became a statement feature in the home. It elevated the overall design aesthetic, creating a visually stunning pathway that seamlessly connects different areas of the house while adding a touch of luxury and cultural flair.

A central staircase is serving as a prominent architectural feature in the home, adding elegance and functionality to the overall design. It not only connects different levels of the house but also become a focal point, enhancing the visual appeal of the interior spaces. The central staircase is designed in a style, depending on the overall aesthetic of the home. It is a grand staircase with sweeping steps and a decorative balustrade, evoking a sense of luxury and sophistication. it has a more minimalist design, featuring sleek lines and simple materials for a modern and contemporary look.

In terms of placement, the staircase is positioned strategically to allow for easy access to different areas of the home. It is located near the entrance foyer, making a striking first impression upon entering the house. it is at the same time situated in a central area, seamlessly connecting the public and private zones of the home.

The central staircase provides a functional circulation path, allowing family members and guests to move between floors efficiently. Its design incorporates wide steps, comfortable handrails, and good lighting to ensure safety and ease of use. Additionally, the staircase has landing areas or intermediate levels, creating resting spots or even serving as display areas for artwork or decorative elements.

The central staircase not only provide a functional element for accessing different levels but also become a design feature that adds character and charm to the home. Its design, materials, and placement are tailored to complement the overall style and aesthetic of the house, creating a visually appealing and seamless transition between the various spaces.

The master bedroom on the first floor of the home embraces the simple theme that resonates throughout the house. It exudes a tranquil and inviting atmosphere, with carefully chosen elements that create a soothing and comfortable retreat.

Master Bedroom is attached with walk in wardrobe cum bathing area that allow one to have an experience of ensuite bedrooms.

Master bedroom on this floor exhibits free forms of exposed brick walls feature complimented by rustic stone tiles interweave. The bedroom opens to a sit out balcony for relaxation.

The color palette of the master bedroom revolves around neutral grey tones, creating a serene and understated backdrop. Shades of grey provide a versatile base that complements the wooden furniture and allows other elements in the room to stand out. This neutral color scheme promotes a sense of relaxation and timelessness.

These 2 bedrooms overlook the below double height space letting for a barrier free communication. Further the first-floor stairs lead to 2nd floor, in continuing the theme of the molding art on staircase wall for visual experience.

One of the focal points of this master bedroom is the floor-to-ceiling high window that opens up to the double height living room below. This window serves as a connection to the outdoors, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood the space. The ample daylight creates a bright and airy atmosphere, contributing to a sense of openness and bringing the beauty of nature inside. To ensure privacy, the window is adorned with curtains that can be drawn when desired.

Fact File

Designed by: The Design House Studio

Project Type: Residential Architecture And Interior Design

Project Name: Utsav

Location: Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 2 Years

Plot Area: 1500 Sq.ft

Built-up Area: 5500 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Ar. Chandni Agarwal

Team Design Credits: Ar. Akansha Patil

Photograph Courtesy: Earthian Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: The Design House Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: The Design House Studio

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