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    This 1650 sq.ft plot is programmed as a sustainable live-work unit for the families of 2 brothers in town of Godhra, Gujarat state, India. Concept of single home often shelters large joint families and meets the needs of various age groups under one roof. The clients aspired for an iconic, contemporary house in Gujarat, which, has required internal common areas and connections of spaces both horizontally and vertically. The plot is surrounded by dwellings on all sides. This generated an opportunity to create a mass that opens up on the above floors for natural light and ventilations.

    An Iconic, Contemporary House In Gujarat | MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO


    Evolving a volume with unique spatial planning, caters to connections internally with foyers, balconies and common areas, an interesting hierarchy of open, semi open and closed spaces on the south face has been created for both the families. Each residence has a plot area of 825 sq.ft area on the first floors.

    The lower level caters to both common work unit and entertainment zones adjoined with garden where the families can gather for some recreational time. This urban residence is defined by the 3 voids that punctuate built mass to varying depths.

    A thoughtful intervention of central staircase from the ground level links to the upper floor, that opens to the central double height foyer. This open pocket carves out the connections of the residents with the rhythm of the sun and wind outside. A linear planning of these residents, mirrors from the central common stairs leading to each brother’s private space for staying. The living typology exhibits clusters settlements in the built environment.

    As one moves ahead from the central double height foyer, they get welcomed into the separate entrances of both the residences from the first floor.

    To introduce light and ventilation for living rooms of each residence, large openings are planned on the south façade. These openings are divided into 2 panels, the lower glazing act as shutters and the above ones are fixed in glass blocks.

    Along with that volumes are added to these spaces that keep evacuating the hot air to move and sustain the cool air around in the rooms. The sensitive approach to control the heat surfaces on the sides are treated from clay roof tiles to control urban heat island effect.

    These internal heights serve as a separator between the kitchen, living room and the parent’s room on the first floor, ensuring the visual connections from all living zones between all spaces. Use of orange tint for one of the accent double height wall in the living room, makes it appear brighter.

    The elongated TV unit wall is combined artfully with the passage railing as a part of installation. Flowing arch frame of the wall allows one to comfortably stand and interact. Voids in the TV unit frames can hold artifacts, plantations or even magazines

    Open island platform adds an entertaining part for the ladies of both residences, to enjoy while cooking, as they can interact with the family members without barriers. Identifying subtle blue tone with earthy tone backsplash tiles for modular kitchens make it soothing and styles the living room palette. The first floor belongs to the parents’ of both the residences where parents’ rooms has the concept of varied tiles infused with wooden details of furniture.

    The second floor, holds rooms for the sons of both owners in each residence. An earthen palette of materials has been selected for the backdrops to allow for the emphasis on the natural elements used for the house.

    The rustic textures of the clay tiles infused with wooden tiles create contemporary compositions and showcase the tone palette used for the residence theme. The rooms open to the balconies in the front elevation of the residence that overlook the central foyer.

    A sit out corner to relax and morning breaks in the surroundings. Side consoles add a versatile twist to the piece of furniture that enhance the look of the room, while offering enough storage.

    Travelling through the staircase, the cross connections with the first floor below play an integral role in achieving communication throughout.

    Continuing with the materials, a different combination has been installed on the walls of balconies, as an outdoor theme. Use of wooden tiles and clay tiles allow for the necessary warmth in the interiors. Each floral pattern is intricately crafted at various angles and interlocked to form surprising wall hangings.

    Inspiring from natural habitat the elements are created using bamboo profile clay roof tile. Free hanging backrest for the master bedrooms of the sons’ gives visuals of minimalism. The dramatic play of pattern surprises one, throughout the sun’s movement as variations can been seen each time of the graphics. Addition of sea blue texture on the adjacent wall with clay graphics, embosses the rustic texture on the walls.

    On the last floors, each residence has master bedrooms for their daughters, which open to a central gathering terrace garden. The rooms’ exhibit backdrop designed in patterned tiles of natural toning from the material palette throughout the residence.  

    The connections make the rooms airy and invite natural lighting. Pockets invite inhouse plantations and sitting corners for privacy. An informal layout for the terrace garden furniture is set as playful modules which can be moved as per requirement. Combinations for backdrop walls have stone niches carved out to hold plantations with lighting. Another orientation on wall has clay tile motifs with shelves to keep artifacts and create a reading corner or enjoy morning environment.

    Interlocking of various spaces carves niche of large frame compositions on the south façade with staggered massing connecting balconies on the second floors for each resident. An opportunity to craft studio’s climatic perspective arose from this composition.

    Contemporary abstract patterns running around the frames, gives visual of moving graphics on the perpendicular wall. Small clusters of clay tiles are cut and arranged in different geometric patterns by binding together.

    For this residence staggered compositions of volumes with all elements inside are reduced to minimum, materials are left in their natural state and only the walls are painted. Windows and shutters slide completely into the walls, transforming the whole house into an exterior space. When open, eating, sleeping and bathing take place outdoors, sheltered from the sun with a breeze passing by.



    Project Type : Residential

    Project Name : Twin Family House

    Location : Godhra

    Year Built : 2023

    Plot Area : 1650 sq.ft

    Built up : 5500 sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Manoj Patel

    Team Design Credits : Manoj Patel, Shailja Thakur, Vaishnavi Padalkar, Aishwarya Gupte, Unnati Vora, Mansi Kadu, Prajjwal Dave & Sanjay Raj

    Photograph Courtesy : MK Gandhi Studio

    Firm’s Website Link : MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO

    Firm’s Instagram Link : MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO


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