A Minimalistic Design For This 4BHK Residence Radiating Luxury And Indian Aesthetics | MAK Designs

The home pairs a captivating style with a large collection of art and accessories along with warmth and a sense of Indianness, that is inhabited by colorful people. Every aspect and aesthetics of this house has been designed keeping in mind their colorful energy and vibrancy. The family wanted a mix of styles playing around[Read More]

A Bungalow Designed With The Thoughtful Blending Of Styles In Contemporary Settings | Prangan Design

The modern home is a masterpiece created with great attention of detail, a harmonic aesthetic, and a bungalow designed with the thoughtful blending of styles in contemporary settings. It is 1830 sq.ft bungalow exterior & interior project designed by PRANGAN DESIGN. The house’s entry is highlighted by a large foyer with a stone and glass[Read More]

4 BHK Apartment Designed With Varied And Unique Colour Palettes | A N T Design Studio

This 4 BHK Apartment designed with varied and unique colour palettes in each space makes each of those spaces quite distinctive and diverse. The living and dining area along with the foyer and passage are designed as a single element and are in earthy tones which gives the space a sense of calmness and elegance,[Read More]

Calm And Classy Vibe Along With Elegance And Luxury | ANAND PATEL ARCHITECTS

The home interiors feature stone, metal, glasses and rustic wooden finishes. It is adorned with sculptures, art antiques and calm colors that ignite a feeling of earthiness and austerity through the sumptuous visual imagery. The color scheme of a space impacts the visual appeal over its square footage hence the designers chose lighter tones or[Read More]

Weighty Dose of Contemporary Art Infused with Elegance in this Residence | Yellow Door Architects

The client was looking for a contemporary space that reflects warmth of a home with a dash of Luxury. We have tried to achieve this by the juxtaposition of materials and textures used. For example, there is a hint of brass in the walls, hanging lights, customized TV unit, where brass represents luxury and the[Read More]

New Age Workspace Design adds Values, Work Ethics and Culture | Miglanis & Associates

A new age workspace where the aim was to intertwine outside with inside. The main aim was to bring nature into the workplace which can help boost creativity and focus. With this concept clear in mind, the material selection was of utmost importance. New Age Workspace Design adds Values, Work Ethics and Culture | Miglanis[Read More]

Reviving Classic Arabic Design with a Modern Design Approach | Hashu Associates

When one reads the word Arabic house the thought that comes into mind is a modern design mansion with Arabic classical elements in design we have successfully developed the luxuries spaces for Mr and Mrs Ahmed and his family. Hashu Associates is committed to the highest standards of design. On each project, we coordinate the[Read More]

Achieving Elegance with Simplistic Forms and Neutral Colors is this Modern Design House | Bizzle

We are a team of young, enthusiastic and creative Architects, Interior designers, Project Managers and Site Supervisors with over 30 years of accumulated expertise in their respective fields. Incorporated in 2016, we provide Modern Design interior designing and turnkey fit-out services across India.The central area forms the Living and Dining space with the Kitchen, Study[Read More]

Palette of Minimalism and Simplicity Adorns this Office Design | Sattva Design Studio

This is the Office Design of Cement Article Factory which is located in vallabhvidyanagar GIDC within the manufacturing unit.We have selected 1800 sq. Ft. Out of 60,000 sq. Ft. Area for office construction.The client has been into manufacturing cement products for the past three generations. One of the key requirements was to display all the[Read More]