New Age Workspace Design adds Values, Work Ethics and Culture | Miglanis & Associates

A new age workspace where the aim was to intertwine outside with inside. The main aim was to bring nature into the workplace which can help boost creativity and focus. With this concept clear in mind, the material selection was of utmost importance.

New Age Workspace Design adds Values, Work Ethics and Culture | Miglanis & Associates

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Use of unpolished pine wood pergolas with slots for self-watering plants. Each Pergola was designed to have a set of specially curated Fluid Paintings to bring color into an office space.

Moss carpets were used to mimic the look of grass. Open Ceiling concept was applied in the workspace areas for a grander look.

A new design system was introduced to provide lighting strips in the pergolas. along with use of natural clay bricks.

The office space was planned carefully to have different zones according to their functions.

Public Zone: Telephone Booths, Conference Rooms, Open Meeting Pods, Meeting Rooms

Private Zone: Main Office Workspace Area and Café for Staff

Power Zone: Director’s and President’s Office

Zen Court: To Relax and Hold In-formal Meetings

Acoustic panels were used in the lecture rooms to mitigate noise and reduce echo and reverberation. Apart from this, we used one single color-yellow throughout the office to establish the feeling of oneness and team spirit among the employees. 

A play of colors in the experience center was done to create a powerful impact. The colors perfectly complimented the organization’s values, work ethics, and culture.

Fact File

Designed by: Miglanis & Associates

Project Type:  Office Interior Design

Project Name: ESRI Office Interiors

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Year Built: 2021

Project Size: 18000 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Ajay Miglani

Team Design Credits: Naina Miglani, Puneet Singh, Sunayana Miglani, Rachana Miglani

Photograph Courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhann

Consultants for the Project

MEP & HVAC: Naveen Wadhwa

Products & Materials: Lighting: Leolux Lighting Solutions / Doors and Partitions: Dorma / Furniture: Viak Group, AMARA Interior Pvt.Ltd / Flooring: Interface / Kitchen: National Interior

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