Space with Minimal and Contemporary Approach | Real Estate Offices | Surat | PDC Architects

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Space with Minimal and Contemporary Approach | Real Estate Offices Surat | PDC Architects

PDC Architects completed the design for the corporate offices of Pramukh Real Estate LLP located in Surat, India.

To design a space with minimal and contemporary approach was the desire expressed by the clients. To achieve the same, the corporate office was furnished with bold, natural and high-quality materials like teak wood, concrete, metal, brick and glass you can get real estate help for further assistance .

Instead of designing it into cubicles and compartments, minimum height furniture was designed and used as space dividers giving an open and continuous feel to space. Privacy was achieved using glass, which allowed for visual connectivity and at the same time dividing the space where needed.

Teakwood finished desk and black velvet sofas add a touch of finesse to the overall raw approach of the office. The green planters placed in strategic locations provide a fresh touch of colour. The furniture is accentuated with exposed brick walls, which act as a feature element in the design.

DesignerPDC Architects
Design Team: Prashant Paradava & Shweta Rathod
: Ishita Sitawala


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