Classic Adaptiveness Wrapped In A Modernist Contemporary Design Outlook | INFINITY DESIGN STUDIO

The residence with earthy interiors is carefully crafted & envisioned to give a serene deed filled with earthy contemporary spatial arrangements for a family in an area of 1150 sq. ft. Bright courtyard house is in the developing pocket of the city right on the urban fringes and a role model for developing heritage city[Read More]

‘Sukoon’ Acts As A Synonym Of Contemporary Architecture | ERA ARCHITECTS AND ASSOCIATES

As the name of the house suggests, “SUKOON” concept is all about giving the homely feeling and tranquility to the one living there. It is a space that consists of designs that follow the principles of aesthetics that defines one’s persona and aura. ‘Sukoon’ Acts As A Synonym Of Contemporary Architecture | era architects and[Read More]

Bungalow With A Modernist Appearance Topped With Luxury And Comfort | NIRMAN DESIGN STUDIO

Located in Surat, the client approached us to craft a 2400 sq ft. 5 BHK Bungalow with a modernist appearance topped with luxury and comfort. Our vision was to give distinct look to each corner and room of the house keeping in mind its utility. In order to balance the monochrome with wood tone, the[Read More]

Open Interactive Spaces Designed In The Office Interiors | THE AD EFFECT

‘Earthy Affair’ our recently completed office project in Gandhidham, is hinged around a natural and woody design narrative. We decided on a blend of cane and pine wood to arrive at a connection between rawness of material along with geometric lines and patterns. Open Interactive Spaces Designed In The Office Interiors | THE AD EFFFECT[Read More]

Merging Classic Victorian And Trendy Design Styles For The Home Interiors | THE DESIGN PLEXUS

Apartment 707! stands for balance and harmony, and that’s exactly how the design style of the house has been conceived. The house belongs to a nuclear family of 3 where the couple were inclined towards merging Classic Victorian and Trendy design styles for the home interiors, and that’s where the architects Arzu Jaria and Mandar[Read More]

Incorporating Sustainable Designs & Creating A Multi-Functional Work Environment | architecture aNew

An effort to imbibe abstracted ideals from the defining features of the city beautiful ’Chandigarh’, comprising of The Modular man, round-abouts, man-holes, and green spaces in our office set up, and inspired by the overall setting and context of the city, helped us to improve the building’s spatial efficiency, aesthetics and further on incorporating sustainable[Read More]

The Black Bagheera Cafe Is An Ideal Amalgam Of Quirky And Posh | 9DEGREE DESIGN STUDIO

When you visit a vivacious cafe like Black Bagheera, be well assured of two facts – delectable food and loads of laughter, chit-chat, and a memorized quality time. Nestled next to Mangalya Vatika 1&2 in Sola Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the Black Bagheera cafe is an ideal amalgam of quirky and posh. It is spread across an[Read More]

Neo-Classical Fusioned With Contemporary Design Style | The KariGhars

The apartment spanning 1450 sq. ft. includes a living room, kitchen, dining area, balcony, three rooms, and three bathrooms. One of the primary attributes of this residential design is how it revitalizes the atmosphere of the home by encouraging new dynamics in kitchen usage. The floor plan is packed, transpiring a challenge to develop a[Read More]

A House Equipped With All The Modern Technologies | Bobby Suthar designs Pvt. Ltd

The Main entrance area has an appealing design with wall panelling and Buddha Wall Mural with the light and natural effect of garden wall, the panelling gives a finish as one surface. A House Equipped With All The Modern Technologies | Bobby Suthar designs Pvt. Ltd visit : Bobby Suthar designs Pvt. Ltd As we[Read More]

Calm And Classy Vibe Along With Elegance And Luxury | ANAND PATEL ARCHITECTS

The home interiors feature stone, metal, glasses and rustic wooden finishes. It is adorned with sculptures, art antiques and calm colors that ignite a feeling of earthiness and austerity through the sumptuous visual imagery. The color scheme of a space impacts the visual appeal over its square footage hence the designers chose lighter tones or[Read More]