Office Space Designed For ACME With A Modern Take On Functionality And Experience | Studio Vasaka

Located in a rapidly developing area near Chandigarh, the office space designed for ACME with a modern take on functionality and experience, where the use of spatial elements, materials and finishes played a vital role in bringing the entire workspace together. Office Space Designed For ACME With A Modern Take On Functionality And Experience |[Read More]

Residential Interior With Modern Design And Antique Artifacts | Designer’s Abode

An abode of well-traveled and well-exposed clients was designed by Designer’s Abode as an English shell with well-defined floor-to-ceiling wainscoting with different ceiling styles showcased in all areas. It includes inserts of modern furniture in vibrant colored upholstery, with antique artifacts such as the chandelier above the dining table and nuances such as a small[Read More]

“Tangible Memories” (GK25) A Compact 3bhk Residence Located In The Streets Of Jaipur | Studio Timescape

Renovating a home not only restores the space but also rewrites it’s stories. Restoration preserves the essence of who we were, while also introducing who we are! “Tangible Memories” (GK25) a compact 3bhk residence located in the streets of Jaipur, is designed focusing on the amalgamation of the old and the new. “Tangible Memories” (GK25)[Read More]

A Luxurious, Contemporary 4BHK Villa In Baroda | Studio

A luxurious, contemporary, 4BHK villa in Baroda, is filled with colour, design and details. Even though each room has its distinct aesthetics, each element fuses seamlessly to create a lovely space. The panelling creates an artistic look and feel with different creative textures to introduce a sense of zen and tranquillity. The space anchors a[Read More]

Contemporary Office Space Designed For The IT Professionals | Prashant Parmar Architect | Shayona Consultant

This 5,000 sq. ft. carpet area contemporary office space designed for the IT Professionals working constantly with the computers and the electronic gadgets, was thus designed to keep the user everfresh and maximize the space’s potential as a base for working collaboratively with others, brainstorming new ideas, and engaging in the company’s vibrant culture. Contemporary[Read More]

4BHK Home In South Bangalore For A Family Of Seven | Design Boutikk

Rinkoo Gupta, the founder and principal designer at Design Boutikk, poured her heart into crafting this 4BHK home in South Bangalore for a family of seven. Clients brief right from beginning were 2 words “Elegance & Simplicity”. This home came with a huge balcony overlooking the most breath-taking view of Hulimavu lake. Gupta aimed to create a home that looked [Read More]

3BHK Gandhinagar Home Designed With Simplicity And Harmony | Spaxis Design

David Hicks once said, “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” Helly Shah and Sanjana Kantawala of Spaxis Design, truly believe in this doctrine and therefore, ensure that their designs captures the essence of the people who would inhabit the house. This 3BHK Gandhinagar home designed with simplicity[Read More]

An Earthy Colour Palette Becomes The Face Of This Minimalistic Modern Home | Aarthaa Design Studio

The city that has been enchanted far and wide for years at the end, Bangalore is a mix of old-world heritage charm with a striking contrast to modern high-rise structures. And in between all the city bustle lies this inspiring 900 sq ft, designed by Shilpa Srinivas and Nithin, Founders of Aarthaa Design Studio. Taking[Read More]

A 4bhk Luxurious House | Ikigai Studio

A renovation project where we joined two 2bhk flats to make a 4bhk Luxurious House! Initially, the two apartments were connected through bedrooms. The biggest challenge for them was this. We reduced the size of 2 bathrooms and paved a passage which did not disturb the bedrooms now. This passage could be accessed directly from[Read More]