Traveloka, Bengaluru-An Innovative Workspace Design | Zyeta

Traveloka, Bengaluru-An Innovative Workspace Design | Zyeta The new office of Traveloka is a reflection of their collaborative work culture and employee well-being. It is a diversion from the traditional workspace design that resonates with the company’s goal of having a human-centric Innovative Workspace. The office interiors overall, stand apart from traditional corporate innovative workspace.[Read More]

4 reasons why you need ergonomic office chairs

No one likes working, especially with a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, we have to suck it up to pay our bills. However, such pain can be alleviated though not removed, through adjustable and ergonomic chair. Here are four reasons why it’s necessary to have ergonomic office chairs. Boost concentration It would be hard for you to[Read More]

4 Tips on selecting the best office chairs

People love comfort, but they don’t like spending too much. When a tight budget comes, designs or ergonomics of office chairs will be far behind. But why these two matter? Good office chairs with fair prices promote productivity and back health according to many ergonomics studies done before. If employees have to not only endure[Read More]

Building a team to help with designing your office space

It’s a wonderful time for the creatives to get to work when your company is ready to move into a new office space.  You may have the luxury of building the entire office from scratch or you’ve bought an already existing office.  It could also be that you’ve decided to rent an office space.  Either[Read More]

Visually Interconnected Office Spaces | S.V. Construction 

Visually Interconnected Office Spaces | S.V. Construction  A corporate space is not merely a place to carry out the business routines but also a place that connects the business with the customers. Therefore, it should portray the work ethics of the business and also convey the identity of the owners. Vadodara based consultancy firm, S.V. Constructions[Read More]

It’s All About Steel | The Inside Story

It’s All About Steel | The Inside Story When Raja Jain, MD of Hyderabad based Samrat Irons Pvt Ltd, a Tata Steel distributor company decided to move his office to Banjara Hills, he envisaged a space which departs from the hierarchical, siloed character of conventional workplaces and that embraces a modern, collaborative one. He also[Read More]

Office Design is Dominated By Unconventional material | Studio 17

Office Design is Dominated By Unconventional material | Studio 17 Cities can be modern and future-ready without losing touch with their past. It is this intersection of old and new, of tradition and technology, of the ancient with the freshly-minted, that creates a distinctive character. Here, the noise and bustle of the marketplace hold their[Read More]

Simple And Contextual Textile Office Design | Sharan Architecture+design

Simple And Contextual Textile Office Design| Sharan Architecture+Design Sharan Architecture + Design culls out a simple and contextual textile office in Surat, India’s hub for textile trade. As you enter the office, the company name ‘Ozone’ is emblazoned in brass over a veneer-clad panel. But, look closer and you will find delicate threads gently tugging at[Read More]

Office Design Creating Transparency and Opaqueness | UA Lab

Office Design  Creating Transparency and Opaqueness| UA Lab The design traverses through the dimension of creating Transparency and Opaqueness. The spaces reveals and un-reveals themselves through intricately designed space dividers. Mild Steel, Glass and Wood are the primary materials used in the design. Combinations of these materials are detailed to create Space dividers, Furniture, Lighting[Read More]