Working Remotely at Home: Home Office Tips

Remote work is becoming increasingly more popular, especially with the current concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19. Because of this, many people may find themselves having to incorporate a home office into their house or apartment. If you’re in the process of creating a home office space, keep the following tips in mind. Partition off[Read More]

Office Interior With Minimal and Contemporary Approach | Inclined Studio

Office Interior With Minimal and Contemporary Approach | Inclined Studio An 600 sqft. Office space designed with minimal and contemporary approach, satisfying the desire of the client. This office space is for trending business, where mostly one happens to have group conversations/ meetings on a mattress. To achieve the same, the office space was furnished with[Read More]

Office Spaces Creating Linear And Clustered Formation | H S Designs 

Office Spaces Creating Linear And Clustered Formation | H S Designs  Jai Aravali Group of Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of Chemicals for Paper Industry. With factories all over India, this is a Company on the growth curve looking to expand its operations and the first thing on their mind was a larger consolidated[Read More]

The Latest Trends In Commercial Building Design

The average person spends one third of their life in the office (that’s 90,000 hours in total). It’s therefore essential that commercial building design creates modern spaces that protect employee health and well-being while optimizing workplace efficiency. Sustainable roofing, workplace wellness, and collaborative spaces are the latest trends in commercial building design which anticipate and meet the ever-evolving needs[Read More]

Open workspace is dead, long live the new solution

For a long time in workspace design, open workspace has been promoted widely to increase collaboration, boost productivity and strengthen work relationships. However, research shows just the opposite. The volume of face-to-face interaction in the open workspace, found by Harvard University dropped about 70%. Similarly, the productivity in the open office plunged 15% according to Exeter[Read More]


Smart office decor | Studio AAD The smart office decor is usually known to represent the motives and productivity of a company. This office interior is the best example of a systematic space with a decent ambiance which speeds up the working capacity of the user. The interior decorator has treated the walls as if[Read More]

A guide to the ergonomic chair with lumbar support

You might have heard of this: An ergonomic chair with lumbar support helps reduce your back pain. But you may also feel confused about the concept of ergonomic chair and why it has such “magic” to solve the nagging pain in your lower back. Here are all the things you need to know about the[Read More]

How to keep your back health with ergonomic office chairs

My friend is a workaholic. She sits in an office for about 11 hours each day. Don’t ask me how she does it, she just does. Needless to say, she suffers from back pain. A sedentary workstyle is already unhealthful to you. With an uncomfortable office chair? it even makes your health worse. You may[Read More]

The Arched Office Design | Gaurav Kharkar & Associates 

The Arched Office Design | Gaurav Kharkar & Associates  Eyes filled with dreams, taking their father’s business to the next level. Our young clients with whom we were associated earlier approached us with lot of excitement, they called us and said guys we have bought 1850 sq ft office and you get to come and see[Read More]

Traveloka, Bengaluru-An Innovative Workspace Design | Zyeta

Traveloka, Bengaluru-An Innovative Workspace Design | Zyeta The new office of Traveloka is a reflection of their collaborative work culture and employee well-being. It is a diversion from the traditional workspace design that resonates with the company’s goal of having a human-centric Innovative Workspace. Visit: Zyeta &nbsp The office interiors overall, stand apart from traditional corporate[Read More]