Baby Nursery: How to Decorate Your Own

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Are you having a baby? If so, then there’s definitely a lot to consider when thinking about a nursery. Paint, furniture, and baby things are often the things you think about getting for the room, but this often becomes daunting if you do not know what you are looking for.

Stores like Incy Interiors can help get the ball rolling, so here are some suggestions on what you will need for your kid’s nursery room.

Baby monitor

Regardless if you are a new parent or a career person, it is often hard to watch or monitor your baby 24/7. A baby monitor is perfect as you can bring it with you anywhere in the house. Depending on the coverage, and will be able to do house chores or work that you brought home from the office.

There are audio-only and audio-video monitors available in the market today, giving you the freedom to choose what works for you.


These are necessary when it comes to guaranteeing your child’s comfort. You can choose from a variety of beddings such as bedsheets, top sheets, and bedcovers. The usual questions that people might have about are what the size and material the beddings should be. Babies do sleep around 16 hours on any given day, so looking into what is best for your kids is understandable.

Changing table

Getting a changing table is a must, especially because babies often go through more than a thousand diapers just in their first year. If you have done it before with an older kid, that’s fine, but it is best to have one ready.

You can also use this as storage for wipes, diapers, or anything you might need for changing your baby’s diapers.


Of course, a nursery would not be complete without a crib. There are simple and elaborate ones available, but what is important is where your baby should be sleeping. Make sure that it is sturdy and comfortable, so you will not need to worry that much when leaving your baby in it.


While the changing table may store diapers, the dresser is where you’ll be storing your kid’s clothes. It should also include your baby’s bibs, socks, and other items you might want your baby to wear.

Laundry hamper

Your baby might need to have their clothes changed, so it is best to have a hamper where you can place their soiled garments. A hamper can also help you to separate your baby’s clothes from the other members of the family, as your baby might need a baby-friendly detergent on their clothes.


If you would like a bit of help in soothing or calming your baby, there are different mobiles that you can use, such as one with rotating lights and mirrors, accompanied by sounds that will lull your baby to sleep.

Arranging the furniture

Check the size of the room while keeping tabs on what you would need for furniture. You also have to think about decorations because that is the fun part of remodelling a room. It is best to use bright colours so that the mood will be lively and entertaining for your baby.

When you get everything you need, imagine where everything should be, as you would not want any accidents to happen, especially if your baby is in the room.

So while you are buying the furniture, especially in stores like Incy Interiors, feel free to ask for advice on what they can suggest for your nursery.

Have fun decorating the room!


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