Key Design Features for a Low-Maintenance Home

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Buying a home is becoming more difficult for people India, with houses largely becoming less affordable in cities across the country as demand grows,  according to a report by ET Wealth. To be able to afford a house, buyers on average need to secure a loan that is four times their annual income. And it’s not just the home prices that buyers have to worry about — home maintenance costs are also a major deterrent to Indians interested in buying a home. To make homeownership more affordable, developers are turning to various low-maintenance design features that work great without sacrificing style or functionality.
Metal roofing 
The roof is one of the most important parts of a house and when it’s damaged, it usually has to be fixed immediately regardless of the cost. Developers looking to build homes that require less maintenance and have lower long-term costs are using metal roofing as opposed to traditional roofing materials. Metal roofing greatly outlasts and requires a lot less periodic maintenance than concrete, asphalt shingles, and clay tiles.
Flooring materials 
The type of flooring material used in a home can greatly affect maintenance costs, which is why Indian developers are exploring more flooring options than ever before. Most modern Indian homes have wooden laminate flooring due to the ease of installation and maintenance. Vinyl tile flooring is another material that many Indian developers are using due to its toughness, durability, and ease of maintenance. Developers are also aware that the type of carpets installed can also have an impact on maintenance costs.
Some types of carpets, such as antique Persian carpets, are hard to maintain, especially for homes with a lot of foot traffic. Instead, developers are opting for other options like flatweave carpets that are easier to maintain, so homeowners don’t have to constantly think about carpet cleaning. Due to the lightweight nature of flatweave carpets, cleaning can be done easily at home without requiring the services of a professional cleaning company.
Using quartz countertops
Quartz has become the countertop material of choice for most Indian developers for many reasons. It is tough, durable, scratch-resistant, and available in many colors and unique patterns. Since it’s completely non-porous, homeowners never need to worry about sealing quartz. The only maintenance homeowners need to do is occasionally cleaning with soap and water, which is easy since it’s impossible to stain the material. Being one of the hardest naturally-occurring materials, quartz can last for more than 30 years with little maintenance required.
Building a low-maintenance home requires developers to not only use the right materials but also to design them correctly. By using clever low-maintenance design features, developers can create long-lasting homes that homeowners can enjoy without feeling enslaved to maintenance costs and procedures.

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