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The entrance is kept simple and minimal, showcasing an artistic and modern design space of the house. The elongated storage unit alongside the main door with wall cladding and brass embossed name plate is highlighting the area.

An Artistic And Modern Design Space | Altitude Designs

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The entrance jail door is contemporary with a dark grey hue, providing a bold and ethnic look. However, the vintage wall lamp is adding up to the aesthetic part of the space.

The customized storage unit with the incorporation of the green element and embossed circular handle is a piece of customized product design for the space. The space is fashioned with the composition of brass circular wall art pieces over the backdrop.

The family admires a space which is welcoming and contemporary with minimal elements. The basic concept of the house is bringing elegant and modern components together to bring a luxurious and attainable ambiance. Living room contains two lounges of earthy tapestry with a circular coffee table in middle. The lengthened black center table is the focus of the space. The entire living area is lightened up with natural light through full-height windows, present in the backside of the lounge.

However, the presence of artistic frames and small sculptures over the living room is enhancing the ambiance.

The TV unit is example of minimal and rich designing style. Travertine stone cladding at wall panelling is effortlessly merging with the flooring. The sleek horizontal wall hung cabinets with central rectangular void is giving neat and classic touch to the unit.

Living and dining areas are divided through vertical bold self-standing partitions having cuboidal compartments for the showcase. The entire partition unit is contrasting the colour palette and enhancing the space.

The dining space allows direct connectivity to the balcony furnished with patio sitting. With the presence of embarked Buddha idol under circular element is marking it focus over the area. Plain wooden ceiling with focused light and luxurious six seater dining is looking spacious and lighted. 

Master bedroom belongs to young parents who believe in celebrating life at each life phase. Glimpses of celebration is reflected over the bold indigo wall and complement circular art pieces. Not to miss out the luxurious accent chair with a city skyline view and the contemporary fluted grey side table along brass finished handle.

Son’s bedroom illustrates his personality who is a doctor and very particular about his stuff. The entire room is the representation of the design perspective through minute interior details.

With the monochrome picture of trekking cladded along the backdrop and the layout of the of the room is setting a unique example for the bedroom spaces. The bed and work unit are integrated in a manner that optimises space and comes out as a modern outcome of furniture design.

A bed with side table and work unit having low height visual barrier which allows to maintain privacy of the functions. While the backdrop is complementing the bed, the window along work station is bringing light to the space and making it look and feel vibrant and lively.

A room with subtle colour palate and fine lines running over the furniture belongs to the daughter who is inclined towards painting and fashion. Presence of study table alongside bed is utilising the space and making the unit multifunctional.

The louvered wardrobe facing the bed is lightly dominating the space. The material palate is balancing the volume of the room and providing a minimal yet elegant space.


Designed by: Altitude Designs

Project Type : Apartment Interiors

Project Name : Anutham

Location : Ahmedabad

Year Built : August 2021

Duration of project : 8 Months + Covid lockdown

Project Size : 2100 Sq.ft.

Project Cost : 1.10 CR

Principal Architect(s) / Designer(s) : Rajan Gajjar, Nilam Gajjar

Photograph Courtesy : Umangshah Photography

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes: ICA PU Paint, Satin finish Paint by Asian paints  / WallcoveringCladding: Travertine Stone / Lighting: Range Lights / Doors and Partitions: Natural wooden Veneer Finish / Sanitaryware: By Developer / Furniture: Customized / Flooring: Italian Floor / Kitchen: Modular / Paint: ICA, Asian Paints / Hardware: Hettich

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