Farmhouse Design which Connects With The Culture – ADDA Architects

Farmhouse Design which Connects with the Culture – ADDA architects

The clients had an idea of transforming the farmhouse into a place where their younger generations could feel connected with the culture and recreate the feel of places that the older generation had grew up in. With use of modernistic materials we have created an experience rather than just a place to stay for the family. Triangles being the strongest shape, we have used it in diverse way symbolizing our varied and strong cultural roots.



A meandering pathway leads us to this farmhouse through the cool shade of trees planted on either side. A Solid wooden door with a bit brass inlay greets us at the entrance, inviting us into this beautiful house. The central pathway in the foyer opens up to courtyards on either side of it, where both the courtyards are given a distinctive feel than the other and also leads up to an interesting stairway heading straight up the first floor.



One of the courtyards becomes a tulsi angan with a hand painted tree of life on the wall in its backdrop. And the other courtyard which extends into the back yard has a vertical green wall bringing the outside inside. And a few other elements such as a marble bowl, a traditional swing, wall plates and a canoe are added to make a welcoming foyer.



The living room extends in a linear fashion and has an earthy feel to it. A beige colour scheme is adopted by introducing a wooden ceiling and a polished yellow Kota stone flooring, cream coloured walls, and minimalistic wooden furniture with basic beige upholstery to complete the look.


Besides the living room we have an elongated dining attached to an open kitchen. An essential kitchen equipped with just the basic appliances and a clean white cabinet unit leading up to the storage area and serves the equally cosy and minimal dining with a conventional dining table and some additional seating arrangement having simple beige Khadi upholstery. The backyard is lined with a red earth coloured wall having organised niches which replicates the traditional village houses in Gujarat.  The backyard is separated with an etched glass partition and covered with a safety grill on top. And having a river finished kota stone flooring.



The courtyard ends in a picturesque sitting area having wooden deck flooring enclosed on two sides, on one side we have vertical green wall which keeps the atmosphere cool and fresh and takes care of the summer heat, while the other wall is a traditional red wall with niches shaped as windows where artefacts can be placed or in the evening time can be decorated with candles, so that a charming atmosphere is created.



The periphery of the house further encompasses a modern Jacuzzi with austere feel to it and lined with simple and basic wrought iron furniture to relax in.

The clients wanted the home theatre to be a one of a kind of experience for them so we looked forward to defy the traditional theme of the farm house. Well, wouldn’t it be interesting to sleep in the rib cage of a human being just where the heart lays and watch the drama unfold. That was our idea which was executed by cladding the walls of the home theatre with wooden panels acting as sound absorbers as well and they are continued in the ceiling as well creating feel of the rib cage. Furnished with beds and relaxing chairs, leaving it up to the individual to choose however they wish to experience it.


The bedroom on the ground floor with regular kota stone flooring and the floral inserts in the joints where the king size wooden bed with elaborately detailed wooden legs and classic side tables lies. As the owner is an avid reader, we incorporated a little reading corner for the with blue wall and a comfortable chair to sit in with a dedicated pendant hanging light above.

The attached dressing room follows the cool colour scheme, and we decided to go blue here just to give it a different feel from the house with textured blue tiles lining one wall and ivory furniture to compliment the color and furnished with a simple and elegant dressing and a similar fashioned furniture unit in the bathroom having wooden doors.


The other bedroom encompasses a canopy bed which makes you feel royal as well as act as mosquito nets. With simple cream coloured walls, it gives a calming and relaxing effect to an individual with adding just a hint of earthy red colour using such bedsheets.


The attached toilet is cosy and comfortable as the beige effect is continued within it too.

The Master bedroom on the first floor is delineated into two sections via the flooring, one being the regular kota stone flooring which has a traditional bed with elaborate wooden legs and head board accompanied by a bedside coffee table and wooden false ceiling on the periphery above the bed giving it a classical look. The other half is wooden flooring which opens up to the green wall and metal CNC screens, separated by a sliding glass window. Once you open up the doors the line separating the inside and the outside blurs away and the space becomes one, making one experience the best of both worlds from a single place.

The dressing room comprises of refined wooden furniture with an Italian marble top enhancing the look and the textured ochre yellow wall paint looks a graceful ensemble.


The balcony on the first floor that overlooks the garden below is embellished with ionic columns and simple wooden railing that compliments it. And just to add a bit of seating we picked up an old bench unused by the clients and painted it blue. A series of decorative lamp shades are used for lighting purpose giving it a bit of a period look.

An appealing sitting area is designed with a seating that has a lacy canopy on top with pillows lined up for comfort and style, a bar  table which looks like an mad scientist’s lab with cylinders and pipes attached to it. And two comfortable single seated sofas.


The passages have different flooring than the rest of the house. With ionic columns and artefacts decorated along the way completes the traditional and graceful look of the house.



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