Simple Yet Luxurious Home Interiors| Adda Architects

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Simple Yet Luxurious Home Interiors| Adda Architects

Client wanted an elegant and contemporary home for him and his family. He wished for a simplistic experience and yet a luxurious one which is contradictory in itself. The choice of the client  was extremely simple yet elegant, timeless, no bright or dark colors or wooden figures. Most importantly, they wanted this project to be completed as soon as possible. This gave us an opportunity to explore the possibility of customised furniture which can be produced out of site.

We picked LINE as our primary element as it is the foremost important element of art. Without the line there is no form, no space for this form to take place and no colour or texture can be applied. Using this in various angles sizes and mediums we created this residence.

The design of the house is an electic mix of contemporary styles with an array of furniture that is modern as well as uses traditional motifs and materials to create a space that is elegant and luxurious as well. While many components of the spaces are splendid and distinct.


The private lift takes us directly to his entrance foyer which is done in tones of brown which speaks formal with Italian marble flooring and a window with a view with the chair greeting you. Solid wood with teak wood members creates a symmetric pattern on the main entrance door.

The living room is integrated with white walls and a depressed wooden ceiling having led lights in the niches. A dove coloured plush carpet is spread in the centre with brown leather deluxe sofas kept on the periphery. A blue coloured love seat is introduced to add a bit of colour.

The centre table and is a multi level oval shape and the side tables in the similar fashion. A hanging light made of lines is hung on one corner giving ambient light to the whole area giving a serene feel to it.


The Family sitting room is separated by a glass partition, whenever you open up the partition the space becomes one.

The kitchen and dining are arranged in an elongated space where one part is occupied by the kitchen and the other half we have a conventional dining table along with a small breakfast table. By introducing the concept of open kitchen the space becomes larger and more open.

A suspended staircase takes you to the level above where the private zone starts. The treads and risers are faced with Italian marble. The above level comprises of bedrooms.

Keeping the theme of ivory colour constant we introduced the secondary colours as per the tastes of the residents, so as they can connect and feel at home with the spaces. One bedroom has white Italian marble flooring with beige grains complimenting the plush beige upholstered double bed along with wooden panelling on one wall. The attached walk-in-closet is simple and elegant and separated by glass partition with the dressing.


Whereas in the second bedroom hints of black paired with ivory cladding with subtle grooves making it shine more. The head board is lined with black stone from which the white side tables emerge giving them a floating effect. The attached toilet follows it where one wall is cladded with black marble and the rest of the furniture and flooring is white giving an opulent feel to the whole room.

In the third bedroom the classic combination of ivory and royal blue is adopted. The walls and the furniture are white while the geometric shelves are used to add a hint of blue which is brings the elegant feel to the room.

The Home theatre is a cosy 8 seated arrangement where the walls are panelled with bands of upholstery in a zigzag manner so that the niches allow the lights to pass through and create a pattern in itself.

last floor is entertainment and relaxing zone. A place where a big group of friends can see a match or a movie together or may be have a kid’s party. The TV is fixed in the wall itself so that it doesn’t protrude out and a vertical storage space on either side is created in the niches.

The walls are panelled with simple grey sheets having grooves in a geometric fashion creating a pattern in itself the furniture selected is  an assortment of fabrics give that quirky and relaxing feel to the space overwhelming the dull walls and the extended room has a snooker table.

A terrace garden with beautiful peripheral potted plants, a snug sitting on one side of the terrace is designed with wooden tile flooring and is covered with pergola on top. A pebble filled delineating line is identified for the other seating arrangements, outdoor wicker furniture is used to complete the ensemble.


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