Residence that Exudes Glamour with Classic Design and Abstract Accents | Project Inc

The residence is consciously planned separating spaces for various purposes on different levels, in this classic design residence, the entrance is in two levels, one leads to the office area in stilt level which allows residents to attend formal meetings, giving a complete privacy of informal spaces from formal space yet keeping them connected, another[Read More]

Earthy tan admirably holding a Visual Interaction of Sorts | We Create

This 2700 Sq.ft contemporary residence, home to a family of six, is located overlooking the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati. It was designed over an elaborate period of 3 months by We Create. An earthy tan, cream, grey and green color palette, as well as the use of wood, stone, marble and Glass, admirably hold together[Read More]

An Elegant Home that Weaves Emotions with Works of Art | P Square Designs

An Elegant residence that weaves emotions with works of art bundles up outright extravagant emotions and a peculiar class! A true exemplar of material exploration with intricate detailing, to sum up a minimalistic, elegant, effortless, and embellished abode. Each space vibe over its diligent workmanship and a definite look after- basically everything that this young[Read More]

Luxury and Sophistication form the Core Elements of this Modern Design Home | 4th Axis Design Studio

This modern design house is to meet and desires and needs of each family member in mind. We believe a home must be a reflection of one’s persona. Here the idea was to create this house in the modest, 7750 sq. ft. west facing plot. Understanding the family needs was more important, but keeping aesthetic[Read More]

Seamless Luxury with Minimalist Elegance| Pragati Saggar Designs

A minimalist home that the clients can call it their “Dream Abode” was the main- stay in developing every space of the house. We designers delved in understanding the client’s needs, their taste, lifestyle and requirements thoroughly. To our delight we were on the same page with clients and turning all our visions into reality[Read More]

Luxury Tropical Paradise Done Tastefully adorned with Bold Motifs | Krsnaa Mehta

Vrindavan Awas is a beautiful luxury home offering the comfort and serenity of the modern world alongside the charm of a tropical paradise. The personal design objective of the house is what makes it unique. Krsnaa Mehta often speaks about his inspiration for his decor and how it comes from the diverse flora, fauna and[Read More]

Modern Design Approach with a hint of Minimal Chic | Atri Design Studio Pvt. Ltd

Atri designs doesn’t believe in perfection but we love embracing the modern design with a hint of minimal chic of imbalance and creating something beautiful out of that asymmetry. Modern Design Approach with a hint of Minimal Chic | Atri Design Studio Pvt. Ltd Visit: Atri Design Studio Pvt. Ltd We always try to create[Read More]

20 Innovative Exposed Brick Wall Ideas for building Timeless Spaces

Rooting for vernacular architecture and design, bricks have always been an essential design element. Using the same for architectural facades, exposed brick wall for the interiors of homes, offices and various other spaces that welcomes warmth, texture and character into a space. India has seen some of the finest brick architecture, a time when the[Read More]

Minimalistic Design that Oozes of Warmth & Coziness | Fx3Designs

Washed in simple and minimalistic design is this 3 Bedroom apartment at Koorkenchery, Thrissur. When Mr & Mrs Rajesh approached us for designing of their space, their brief was to keep their home light & airy. Minimalistic Design that Oozes of Warmth & Coziness | Fx3Designs Visit: Fx3Designs Both their daughters also had their design[Read More]

Residence that Showcases Subtle Tints with Modern Design Elements | Studio DSA

Gajanan – An example of the amalgamation of nature and contemporary materials; the masses on the facade are framed with modern design elements in a very muted manner With Exposed brick facade highlighting the two columns running top bottom perfectly framing a tree. Residence that Showcases Subtle Tints with Modern Design Elements | Studio DSA[Read More]