Working Remotely at Home: Home Office Tips

Remote work is becoming increasingly more popular, especially with the current concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19. Because of this, many people may find themselves having to incorporate a home office into their house or apartment. If you’re in the process of creating a home office space, keep the following tips in mind. Partition off[Read More]

Charcohol  Restaurant & Cocktail Bar |  STUDIO8

Charcohol  Restaurant & Cocktail Bar |  Studio8 Located in a heritage building in Fengsheng Li in the center of Shanghai, CHARCOHOL is a restaurant and cocktail bar specializing in charcoal-grilled global cuisine and craft cocktails. STUDIO8 was commissioned to design the visual identity, architecture re-use, interior, landscape and soft decoration for the project. Visit: Studio8 &nbsp[Read More]

Cafe Designed With Royal And Classical Look | Rudhraksh Designer

Cafe Designed With Royal And Classical Look | Rudhraksh Designer This Surat cafe is designed with a mixture of British and Modern concepts along with different bright brick cladding which creates a pleasant climate around for the Burst of Art. The idea was to design a place full of space where everyone feels welcomed. &nbsp The client[Read More]

Cafe Interior In Hues Of Blues | Squelette Design

Cafe Interior In Hues Of Blues | Squelette Design ‘Whether to solemnize or to recover from vacuous blues. It is a blessing to discover a space that colours every mood into its own hues.’ &nbsp As you step into the terrace cafe, you feel disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the city, savouring the breezy[Read More]