5 Reasons You Should Own More Candles

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It’s surprising, in a way, that people don’t own more candles. These days you might find them in the dining room or the bathroom, but that is only utilising them to a fraction of their potential.

The benefits that a collection of candles can give you are enormous. So if you are currently lighting your dining room candles for get-togethers or bathroom candles for a relaxing soak, then here is a list which will show you why you need even more.

Candles Are Perfect For Relaxation And Nostalgia

Candles are usually utilised for an ambient atmosphere, but there is a lot more to them than just that. They can actually be used to trigger emotional and happy memories, which consequently leads to a more positive and relaxed frame of mind. Whether it’s sunny oceanic smells or wispy log fire scents, you can light candles around your house to put you back to a good place and a good time, helping you to get rid of any stresses from the working day.

Candles Can Improve Your Focus

Candles are great for a mental boost too. Lavender and jasmine have actually been proven as scents that can transform productivity. In this way, if you are working from home rather than work’s office, you can incorporate some lavender and jasmine scented candles into your home office. This will boost your focus and help you to get through the tasks of the day. 

Candles Can Represent Your Faith

When it comes to faith, candles are often used to assist with prayer and evoke calm, tranquil atmospheres. In Judaica, you might be aware that the nine-branched Jewish candelabra is lit on nine consecutive nights in commemoration of the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. If you are a part of a religious household, then candles such as this are essential to honour your faith and create a beautiful, peaceful backdrop to your prayers.  

Candles Can Build An Atmosphere

Of course, this has been noted previously, but the atmosphere a candle can build does not have to be secular to a dining room or bathroom. In fact, candles can build an atmosphere anywhere in the home. What’s more, with an amalgamation of candles, there is no need to spend too much on expensive lighting. They can achieve a high-end and luxurious feel with a simple deep orange flicker alone.

Candles Are Romantic

A candle’s greatest strength is its ability to create a tranquil and romantic atmosphere. Simply by keeping a few candles on the coffee table in the lounge or the nightstand in the bedroom, you can keep a warm and loving atmosphere with your partner. The scent will not only ignite a bit of passion into the relationship, but it can also maintain the love and care you have for each other. If you ask your partner what their favourite scent is, then you can light that specific candle when they are feeling down. We all want our partners to be happy, and just the lighting of a single candle can help in boosting their mood and helping them to put all of their stresses behind them.