Effortless Transition of Varying Palettes for Timeless Aesthetics | EnviArch Studio

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A rooted sense of tradition and a contemporary aesthetics persona coalesce with sheer sincerity within the walls of Peninsula 10. Located on the tenth floor of a high-rise residential community in JP Nagar – Bangalore, this home was conceptualised for the Bhat’s poses as a secondary abode to host them and their loved ones over their frequent visits to the metropolitan.

Effortless Transition of Varying Palettes for Timeless Aesthetics | EnviArch Studio

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Preaching minimalism and simplicity in spaces might be more than just a fad now. It’s impossible to deny that orderly minimalism is now the most desired style of design for spaces, but are we there yet with achieving the desired pathway? Peninsula 10 by Enviarch, seems more like an effortless transition of different palettes into a holistic approach. Beyond the visual design elements, an aura of truthfulness, home-ness of a home are felt too. Crafted with traditional elements, aesthetics of the present is what makes it Individualistic & Timeless. ~Yamini Vaswani (Editor)

“Neutrality and a pertinent sense of calm within this home in no manner give way to a lack of character. Instead, the dwelling finds its bearings in the maxim of less being more, shining a light upon the modest yet impactful role materials play in the design process,” conclude the Principal Architects. At Peninsula 10, humble materials have been explored with abounding clarity, nuanced with keen attention to detail. As a secondary residence, the spaces silently
applaud the unpretentious identity of the home while ensuring that familial warmth remains sacrosanct.

The dining space has been visualised against a handcrafted feature wall, layered with grey Italian marble sourced from Marble Italia, which boasts of amorphous-form veining interspersed with grooved segments and brass inlay beading. A fluted fascia credenza stretches along the length of the space, lodged amidst canopying greens. The eight-seater white marble top and wood base dining table are paired idyllically with blush-hued upholstered dining chairs by RedOAK, which inject an accent of colour into the otherwise pared-down zone. A duo of black metal pendants illuminates the intimate dining area, building on the neoteric DNA of the space.

Preceded by a pantry area, the kitchen’s design ethos focuses on engaging colour and material palette that elevates the visual perception of light, owing to the moderate sunlight that seeps inside. The employment of all-white cabinetry enables the space to seem larger and brighter, while the grey marble-lined countertops and backsplashes by Marble Italia create a grounded demeanour.

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Snugly situated within a wood-lined alcove, the breakfast area acts as an interactive and functional extension to the larger public zones of the home. A wood veneer-lined segment washes over the wall and ascends to make its way across the ceiling, demarcating the zone discernibly. Levitating in a cantilevered manner, the breakfast counter makes for a sculptural addition to the space, stretching across the nook with its angular form as the pièce de résistance. The floral fabric-upholstered bar stool, black metal and brass multi-headed pendant, and capacious console towards the rear further build on its pragmatic and aesthetic features.

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“The resolve was to create a light and almost dynamic ensemble with an individualistic presence within the quaint space. The internal metal framework has been crowned with a jade-green marble, and the base is clad in teakwood beading; both materials retained in their unadorned form,” iterates Pradeep.

A modern interpretation that is also a homage to ritualistic traditions, the pooja room at Peninsula 10 was a space the client’s held close to their hearts; its conception needed to meld serenity and an Indianized vocabulary effortlessly. Swathed in teak hardwood flooring, grey Kota stone, rosewood, and brass inlay, the space is symbolic of repose. “The epicentre of their daily spiritual routines and a congregational spot during festivities, the pooja room is a new-age image of temple architecture. Multi-levelled stepped seating imagined in polished Kota stone aligns along the walls. The main sanctum pedestal has been kept afloat against the Venetian blinds, creating an obvious focal point under the artisan wall-mounted panels,” adds Megha.

The private resting spaces at Peninsula 10 present themselves as organic segues to the home’s harmoniously woven together public areas. The guest bedroom conjures a calm aura, pieced together with a concoction of greys and whites. The accent wall framing the resting area is veiled in a geometric collage of patterned cement tiles by Bharat Floorings, a coalition of colours that bleeds into the area rug by HummingHaus.

The angular spindled back teakwood bed, massive black nightstands, and a pair of minimalist suspended pendants levitate weightlessly, creating the central vignette. A teal armchair by the soft sheer blue curtains creates a dreamy reading corner under the fanning greens. The wardrobes in cool grey have been sandwiched with woven cane infills and long wooden handles. The television console on the other side ventures into a play of volumes, culminating in a tall cabinet in the company of tropical art and wall decals by Kalakaari Haath.

The second master bedroom is doused in an umber warmth, with subtly patterned veneer becoming the frontrunner. The two-panelled headboard is composed of woven cane and teakwood, placed against the bipartite feature wall. The top half of the wall has been finished in grained veneer, whereas the base sports a white vertical shiplap pattern.

The protruding nightstands extend from the walls, covered with a marble top and veneered body. On the opposite end, a running wood ledge hugs the wall’s length only to be interjected by an oblong cane-faced cabinet that leads further towards the television console. Colour makes a welcome cameo in the bedroom, coming forth through the robust floral rug by HummingHaus within the monotone space.

Conversing with balmy yellows, the ensuite master borrows its definitive trait from the saturated hue of the travertine stone. The wall anchoring the bed doubles up as a vivid backdrop against which the tapestry of the space comes undone. Grooved travertine stone lines the top half of the wall, creating a geometric progression of sorts, while the bottom is covered in a wood veneer. The bed herein is an unconventionally playful take on a classic four-poster bed. The supporting framework has been conceived as an inverse of the traditional design, contorting its form upwards to tether itself to the ceiling. The nightstands seem like organic extensions of the headboard wall, emerging monolithically from the veneered surface.

Fact File

Designed by: EnviArch Studio

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Peninsula 10

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 10 Months

Project Size: 2600 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 1 Crore

Principal Architects: Megha Nanaiah & Shravan Pradeep

Team Design Credits: Sannuthi Ravindra

Material Palette of the project: Teak Wood, Indian Green Marble, Omani Grey Marble, Yellow Travertine

Photograph Courtesy: Yash R Jain

Consultants for the Project

Contractors: Parma Furniture

Products & Materials: Wallcovering / Cladding: Marbles: Marble Italia | Lighting: Prism Lights & Aura Illumination | Sanitary ware: Kohler | Furniture: Magari Furniture, Red Oak, EnviArch Studio | Paint: Asian Paints, Kemtex Paint | Artefacts: Purple Turtles, Beruru, Curio Casa, EnviArch Studio

Firm’s Website Link: EnviArch Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: EnviArch Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: EnviArch Studio

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