20+ Remarkable Modern House Design in India


10.The Artisan House project | Morphogenesis

Through the Artisan House project, Morphogenesis looks to revive and re-establish a patronage for traditional Indian artisanal skills. India is symbolized by the diversity of its art and culture, yet with the changing paradigm, there is a great need to conserve these symbols that are under a growing threat of neglect.

Craft, emergent from skill and handed-down traditions is inherent in Indian culture, and is strongly representative of the global understanding of luxury today- that of the hand-made, bespoke, one that speaks of its provenance. Additionally, luxury in this project is expressed through the dexterity and beauty of spatial configurations, lending the space an experiential quality through the incorporation of craft, material, method and design.


Photographs : Edmund Sumner, Jatinder Marwaha






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