20+ Remarkable Modern House Design in India


4.Bridge house |  Kinny soni and Ujjval Panchal

House with Bridge in mango farm is a private residence of Mr. Jain in Bhopal-India. As the name suggest this house is built around several large 50 years old mango trees. The house consists of two major blocks connected through passages. One accommodates private areas such as living room, bedrooms, kitchen & dining – where the other accommodates formal seating, guest room, studio, gym and swimming pool.

This house plan is conceived as a solid wall envelope from outside giving privacy to the house. Inside this envelope, all the spaces are designed as pavilions facing trees, where inside becomes outside and vice versa. We used large glasses as transparent walls to enclose spaces, without compromising the experience of being under the trees.

Photographs : Dhrupad Shukla







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