Adding value to your home with a conservatory roof

Trying to sell your house but not receiving good offers, why not invest in home renovation? It can significantly improve the home’s functionality, comfort, and charm, thereby boosting the property value. Some simple renovations can change its look entirely, and adding a conservatory is one of them. Modern homeowners build this extra room mainly for gardening or small family gatherings. It is also used as the outdoor dining room, sitting zone, utility room, tea room, storage, etc. In this post, we will cover everything you should know before building conservatories.

What are the advantages of conservatories?

Here are the benefits of adding conservatories to your home:

  • Many people want to move into houses, which include a conservatory. However, not all can afford the price or find real estate buyers for their existing dwellings. Constructing an attractive conservatory is way cheaper, and it can transform their current living space into the dream house. So, don’t leave, repair, and renovate.
  • Since houses with conservatories are getting more popular, you should take advantage of the trend. A nicely-decorated orangery will draw the buyer’s attention, and you will get a good deal for it.
  • It will add a modern touch to your home and increase its beauty.
  • As we already discussed, you’ll be able to use the space for multiple purposes.
  • Spending time with nature is mandatory for a healthy life, which is easy for the conservatory owners. They can enjoy natural views in all weathers, sitting comfortably in a chair or lying on the sofa.

How much monetary value can conservatories add to your belongings?

It depends on the cost, design, and decoration of the conservatory. Suppose your dwelling has a financial value of £160,000 and you spend 8,000 on the conservatory. Then, the total worth will be £168,000, 5% higher than the previous value. Potential buyers who love innovative home extensions may offer you more. According to the market experts, there is high demand for real estate but comparatively less supply in the ongoing year. As a result, the pricing also increased. The upcoming year will be the same. So, don’t be surprised if you get 10% or even higher offers than the actual value.

How to construct a conservatory

  • Contact a nearby real estate agent: It is a must if you are making conservatories to make a profit in the future. As they have incredible property selling expertise, they can find the best deal for you. They can estimate how much profit you’ll get by adding extensions. They can also give you in-demand, contemporary design ideas to sell the home faster.
  • Select the style: Conservatories can be built in various architectural themes such as simple, victorian, Edwardian, gable-end, lantern, etc. Certain types tend to be worth more dollars than the others depending on the market’s demand. You need to select a design that will go well with your home structure. You can even combine different styles to make it unique.
  • Choose the location carefully: Location matters a lot because wrongly-placed extensions do more harm than good. Try to put it in the most pleasing area to maximize the views. Plus, it should be attached to a doorway so that you can enter and exit your home quickly. Again, consider the purpose of the conservatory. For example, east-facing ones are perfect for morning activities. If you need all-day sunshine, pick a spot with constant sunlight and go for a south-facing architecture.
  • Determine the size: A too small or too large conservatory not only looks weird but also destroys your property value. First of all, mark and measure the free space where you want to place it. Then, decide how big it should be. Make sure that it will look proportionate to other surroundings. If you’re going to make gardens, small ponds, stone paths in your yard, go for a small or medium conservatory.
  • Think about the materials: They can be made from glass, uPVC, aluminum, timber, and many more materials. Each type has some benefits and downsides. Polycarbonates are energy-efficient, light-weight, sturdy, affordable but not scratch-proof or dent-proof. Modern glass versions deliver a long-lasting, clear view at a cheap rate. The only drawback is they might make your home too hot in summer. Wooden frames look natural and elegant but are more susceptible to damage and require routine maintenance. 
  • Hire a reliable installer: Always opt for professional services like the Leka Solid Roof Conservatory system, available for UK residents. They provide excellent home improvement solutions as per your requirements. Their highly-skilled craftsmanship with premium-quality products ensures durable onsite installations just the way you imagined. Such a superior construction process results in improved efficiency and longevity. If you are confused about the architecture, shape, location, theme, or anything related, they can help you out as well.