Transforming A Derelict House Into A Modern Dream Home | Skaid Designs

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Transforming A Derelict House Into A Modern Dream Home | Skaid Designs

It is always gratifying to see old, dilapidated houses being transformed into something new and glorious. Restoring an old house is not a small task. It requires special care while dealing with old materials and the building can be full of surprises. One thing that we’ve learned is the renovation done right can turn a nightmare into a dream home.

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With a hush-hush client, we were tasked to transform an old rundown 1800 sq ft apartment into a contemporary chateauesque retreat. We were given free rein by the client to create a space for him to escape from his whirlwind lifestyle. Our artistic explorations got to work and our imagination transcended several realms.

We began designing, keeping in mind the idea to facilitate interaction, inspiration, and recreation – a whimsical crib with a soothing palette and profound spaciousness. The challenge with this project was to incorporate the style and layout of the existing building with the modern needs of the family. It took us two months to completely transform the place.

We brought down all the internal walls, stripped the flooring, electrical, plumbing to redesign the space with an add on deck and landscape. The fine aesthetic continues as a backdrop for customized elements. This being a small space with the focus on the character and attitude of the client, the apartment draws on a fusion of influences from modernism and vintage.

Adorned in timeless chequered pattern marble and inimitable custom wallpapers, complimented with Italian furniture the apartment oozes a somewhat burlesque luxury. As the doors open, one escapes into a fantasy world where old meets modern and class is paramount.

Transforming a derelict house into a modern dream home can be a rewarding experience, plus you never know what you might unearth along the way. Retaining the old charm, but a complete modern outlook, this space is an archaeological marvel. A stunning transformation and redesigning of this hallowed edifice give it a time-earned character.

Architecture, both new and old, creates a lasting impact on our perceived memory of a place. While historic architecture has its own charm, it is no secret that modern architecture has the ability to be inspiring. We managed to comfortably mask the wrinkles a structure of this longevity inevitably exhibits.

Design is about people that inhabit the space, and it’s civic and social interaction. Simple elegance is attainable by anyone, the key is to master a few elements of design. Good flow exists in rooms with a sense of the center of easy access from one to another.


Design Firm: Skaid Designs

Area: 1800sft

Project Type: Apartment Interior

Project Location: Hyderabad

Principal Designer: Kish Dursharla

Photo Credit: Skaid Designs




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