• Top 20 Interior Designers in Kolkata

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    Interior Designers in Kolkata understand the diverse historic and cultural fabric of the city. The colonial architecture, which is almost hidden in most parts of the country, continues to be a striking feature of Kolkata. The Interior Designers in Kolkata continue to bring the eclectic character of Kolkata architecture into the interiors. The aristocratic mansions in the city heavily influence the Interior Designers in Kolkata, with many Art Deco elements still being incorporated. The luxury and vibrance of Kolkata manifest in the interiors. Let us look into the works of the Interior Designers in Kolkata to understand their evolution from the past.

    Following are the best interior designers in Kolkata, showcasing their creativity and exploring interior styles in an iconic way.

    • Upscale Architects
    • Team Shabnam
    • The Mark Decor
    • Manoj Singhal & Associates
    • Fernway Interiors
    • Abin Design Studio
    • AK Enterprises Pvt.Ltd
    • Spaces & Design
    • Tatvam Concepts
    • Epsilonarch
    • Spazio Interiors
    • Salient
    • A Square Design
    • Swarup Dutta
    • Mansioners

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    Upscale Architects

    “UP” the “SCALE” with the new hottest Architectural Firm in Town. We believe in immersing our
    design thoughts through the inspiring rhymes of nature and just a touch of contemporary luxury.
    Cofounded by the three power Architects, Pragya Bharati, Utsav Kamboj and Unnatt Kamboj
    collectively known as “THE UPSCALE SQUAD”, we believe “Architecture is an art form” and this
    strives us to bathing the space with a harmonious marriage of quirky-minimalism with our signature
    style of out-of-scale elements yet balancing with the overall space. Our approach ensures that our
    projects make a statement while playfully co-existing with their natural urban-scape.

    Firm Name: Upscale Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Upscale Architects

    Team Shabnam

    Since our inception in 2004, we have been offering innovative and unique designs for residential, commercial, and hospitality industries while providing our clients results that are par excellence. With the utilization of first-rate, creative materials, we offer world-class architectural services such as Interior designing and decoration, renovations, architectural extensions, loft conversions, and so on.

    Firm Name: Team Shabnam

    Firm’s Website Link: Team Shabnam

    The Mark Decor

    The Mark Décor was established in 2010 essentially providing Design solutions & Home Styling. We work across all segments including both residential and commercial. With a team of experienced designers and skilled craftsmen we dedicate ourselves to the creation of happy spaces. Since inception, we have been redefining the sense of décor, the quest for style and quality over the years which has helped us evolve into one of the best in the category.

    Firm Name: The Mark Decor

    Firm’s Website Link: The Mark Decor


    MS&A is a firm that has spent the last thirty years designing spaces that are rooted in luxury design and shaping fine lifestyles. The firm continues to create spaces that are suffused with contemporary innovations and diversified practice that draws from Indian traditions and a modern outlook.


    Firm’s Website Link: MANOJ SINGHAL & ASSOCIATES

    Fernway Interiors

    Established in 2020, Fernway Interiors is a consulting firm with experience in both commercial and residential spaces. Till date, we have had 25+ successful handovers. We currently have projects in Kolkata and Jamshedpur. We understand that no 2 clients will be the same, and so we believe in working closely with the client and understanding their needs in order to deliver their dream space.

    Firm Name: Fernway Interiors

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Fernway Interiors

    Abin Design Studio

    ‘Abin Design Studio began in October 2005 under the leadership of Abin Chaudhuri. He graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1998 and pursued Industrial Design at Domus Academy, Mian. Recently, he attended the Glenn Murcutt International Master Class 2014.

    Firm Name: Abin Design Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: Abin Design Studio

    AK Enterprises Pvt.Ltd

    A K Enterprises, since it was founded on 7th of April, 2005, believed in a vision to synergize the individual strengths and continually catapult to the next level. Amit &Kallol, two dynamic professionals combined their individual strengths to make a team par excellence. Backed by a vast cumulative experience in Architectural Interior designing and execution.

    Firm Name: AK Enterprises Pvt.Ltd

    Firm’s Website Link: AK Enterprises Pvt.Ltd

    Spaces & Design

    Spaces and Design was established with the intent to create environs that epitomise harmony, aesthetics, and optimum functionality, thereby enriching the life of the users in their habitat. A strong believer of giving each project its own identity, Pooja works within the mandates of the site, budget, and the clients’ lifestyle and needs. These form the robust framework that drives her well-honed design and execution process.

    Firm Name: Spaces & Design

    Firm’s Website Link: Spaces & Design


    Firm Name: D’ZINE FORUM

    Firm’s Instagram Link: D’ZINE FORUM

    Tatvam Concepts

    Sakshi Arora, Founder of Tatvam Concepts, is a design professional graduated from Pearl Academy, Mumbai and Domus Academy, Milan, where she won an Award for the Most Professional Project. She believes she was destined for design and is committed to providing exceptional & innovative spaces that go beyond the traditional notion of designing, by enhancing the ongoing quality of life.

    Firm Name: Tatvam Concepts

    Firm’s Website Link: Tatvam Concepts


    We believe in incorporating various styles of ideology & philosophy from different eras of architectural history, so as to fulfill the functional & economic requirements the owner intends to serve. At the same time, evokes a positive emotional response from both its users & the public at large. Each project is carefully and individually planned with a strong emphasis on design solutions to be harmonious with local, cultural, and environmental settings.

    Firm Name: Epsilonarch

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Epsilonarch

    Spazio Interiors

    We are a team of Interior Designers based in Kolkata. Our firm has been on the stand for the past 3 generations with 50 Years of experience. I have been leading in this firm for the past 3 decades and have largely worked in the corporate sector. With the onset of our 3rd generation, we have now further expanded our field of work in architecture and furniture designing.

    Firm Name: Spazio Interiors

    Firm Instagram Link: Spazio Interiors


    Relationship become the Inspiration of all our works, Our relationship with Nature taught us Sustainability and with “Men” taught us the process to celebrate it. Planet, People, Performance and Profit are for sure the very basic of every design that “Salient” Discovers. We believe that Design is an art of discovery hence it is very important that Research and Humility become our tool from “Concept” till “Commissioning”.

    Firm Name: Salient

    Firm’s Website Link: Salient

    A Square Design

    Established in 1999, A square designs specializes in interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Founder Ajay Arya has conjured up delightfully modern and contemporary interiors for various properties. Transforming urban spaces into visually stunning creations has been his forte. Creative by nature and an interior design consultant by profession, Ajay has an unparalleled passion for creating space perfection.

    Firm Name: A Square Design

    Firm’s Website Link: A Square Design

    Swarup Dutta

    Firm Name: Swarup Dutta

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Swarup Dutta


    Mansioners, a business firm established by Shreya Jalan and Puja Jain (Gangwal) to recreate your four-walled boundaries, be it your living or work space into your dream square. We also provide consultancy services in the field of interior design. We are a team of experienced, ambitious and industrial design enthusiasts came together to form Mansioners. We are a strong believer in “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”.

    Firm Name: Mansioners

    Firm’s Website Link : Mansioners


    AIM Studio is an Architecture, Interior Design and Master Planning firm based in Kolkata. At AIM Studio, we provide one stop design solutions to all kinds of projects, starting from “Conceptualization” to “Commissioning”. Our team is comprised of several experienced and qualified architects, designers and consultants to provide innovative yet cost-effective solutions to a design.

    Firm Name: AIM STUDIO

    Firm’s Website Link: AIM STUDIO

    The Interior Designers in Kolkata have two takes on modern culture. One is vibrant and loud luxury that boasts of its unique culture, and the other embraces Western modernism and luxury. The Colonial essence never fades from the city, even years after independence. The people of Kolkata have a deep love for the richness flourishing from romanticism in literature and art. These are intangible aspects of the old city. The categorization of the Interior Designers in Kolkata is not in the order of the best works. It showcases architects in Chennai who have diverse backgrounds and years of experimental experience. Do you think it is appropriate for Interior Designers in Kolkata to deviate from the minimalist style?

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