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Posted On May 21, 2021

Five Common Renovation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Renovating your home or even a single room takes a lot more time, money, planning, and effort than you may have initially thought. Unfortunately, most renovations expand beyond just painting...

Posted On February 17, 2021

7 Most Common Basement Renovation Mistakes

The dollar amount of basement renovations in the great white north ramped up to $80 billion in 2019 alone. However, even after all that spending, Canadians are still not getting...

Posted On January 11, 2021

Local Asbestos Testing – What You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Home

Planning on giving your home space a makeover? Looking to add a new room or break down a wall to give way to a bigger space? Before anything else, you...

Posted On January 08, 2021

6 Factors To Consider Before Starting A Renovation Project

Renovating a house can be a challenging prospect. There’s a lot of work that goes into planning a home renovation, not to mention the hard work and cost that goes...

  • Posted On October 23, 2020

    Improvements Worth Making Before You Sell the House

    If you are getting ready to sell your home and start a new journey, congratulations! The hardest part is over, and now that you have actually decided to move, it’s...

    Posted On October 14, 2020

    How to Manage Pests During Renovations and Construction

    A pest infestation can be a nuisance on your property, especially during construction or renovations. Some common pests that can overrun your home may include fleas, ants, rodents, and roaches,...

    Posted On September 22, 2020

    PG Bison’s Kitchen Design Tool: Improvements and Upgrades

    Renovating or designing a kitchen from scratch is a huge endeavour, whether you’re a professional or a homeowner looking to try your hand at it. Not only do you need...

    Posted On September 07, 2020

    Top Tips To Modernise Your Home

    The interior design industry has shown tremendous growth over the past couple of years. With modern trends rapidly emerging, this leaves homeowners somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of avenues they...

    Posted On September 03, 2020

    How to Prepare for a Major Renovation

    When planning for a major home renovation, there is a lot to keep in mind – it is an exciting process that with the appropriate preparation, can happen smoothly and...

    Posted On August 06, 2020

    Popular Home Improvement Projects to Do This Summer

    For most of us, the arrival of the hot summer months means lounging by a swimming pool, sticking our toes in the sand and throwing barbecue parties. For many homeowners,...

    Posted On July 24, 2020

    Cleaning Tips When Renovating Your Home

    Are you thinking about renovating your home? Although people usually spend considerable time thinking about the cost, the design, and the approach they’ll take, they much less often think about...

    Posted On July 21, 2020

    Why should you renovate your home and what are the benefits?

    A home is an abode, where you don’t just live in, but also have a feeling of comfort and sense of belonging. It is the place where the one feels...

    Posted On July 07, 2020

    5 home remodeling safety risks & how to prevent them

    With the coronavirus leading to unprecedented lockdowns and quarantines across the globe, more people are finding themselves stuck at home. This has led to a rise in people trying their...

    Posted On March 31, 2020


    A kitchen is the soul of every home. It’s the room in your house where the whole family gets together quite often and the ideal place to socialize. Its design...

    Posted On September 25, 2019

    Design your house within your budget – Easy HDB renovation tips to follow

    The pursuit of building a dream home is every homeowner’s dream! People usually can’t do it when they are purchasing or building their first home. There are various reasons for...

    Posted On September 24, 2019

    Home Renovation Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Aesthetic Ambiance & Tips to Get Home Renovation Loans

    Renovating and remodeling your living space could be a fun and exciting exercise; after all, incorporating your unique ideas and aesthetics into the home décor is essentially what transforms a...