Design your house within your budget – Easy HDB renovation tips to follow

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The pursuit of building a dream home is every homeowner’s dream! People usually can’t do it when they are purchasing or building their first home. There are various reasons for that. It could be money limitations or a difference of opinion with other members. Also, not every homeowner knows their choices and likes when they buy the first home. With time and more research and study, homeowners develop their preferences and home decor affinities.

Are you planning to renovate your home sometime soon? Do you have a budget constraint? If yes, there’s nothing to fret or feel sad about. You can still sport a stunning home decor theme. The HDB renovation guidelines discussed below can be of good use:

  1. Don’t discard everything

Smart homeowners never drop everything of the earlier decor, especially when there’s a budget limit to stick. It is essential to scan your rooms and the entire house decor, to check for decor items and objects that you can preserve and use in the new decor. Also, there can be a room or two, where the paint is in good condition. At best, it might need one re-touch coat. You can only pay for the re-touch, and this will help you save money.

  1. Make a list of furniture that you want to sell off to create a clutter-free decor

If you are keen to follow a Scandinavian or Minimalistic decor, chances are you have to do away with the excess decor and other goods. Do you wish to transform your living space into a minimalistic decor pattern? If yes, you need to dispose of the extra furniture pieces that might look out of place or that has become slightly old. The best way is to sell a few furniture that you don’t need so that you can earn some money. It adds to your savings and gives you some extra cash to use it on other home decor items.

  1. Customize the designs

Today, geometric motifs have become a popular trend! To sport this trend, you don’t need to invest in several art-deco decorative items. You can make use of your old discard decor items and household products and customize them to geometric patterns. For instance, you can customize a shoe rack and turn it into a geometric bookshelf attached to the wall. It creates space as well as makes the most of the existing space. Customizing a current product will save you more money than purchasing a new one.

  1. Velvet has made a comeback

If you want to opt-in for a vintage look in some parts of the house, you can opt-in for velvet. For a while, this trend wasn’t that popular. However, in 2019, this trend has resurfaced. You don’t need to invest in new velvets. You can use the one you had a decade back with a few tweaks and changes from an expert designer. It adds to your decor and savings as well.

There are various other ways to save on your home decor! One of the best ways is to opt-in for a professional home designer, who can provide you with the best guidance and suggestions.

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