How to Manage Pests During Renovations and Construction

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A pest infestation can be a nuisance on your property, especially during construction or renovations. Some common pests that can overrun your home may include fleas, ants, rodents, and roaches, which can cause a lot of damage to your property. These pests not only cause harm, but they also pose a health hazard to you and those you live with, as some of them are disease vectors. Pest management and eradication are vital in ensuring that you minimize potential damages and prevent potential health hazards related to their infestation. Pest control and management require the use of professionals to ensure there is complete eradication and avoid future re-infestation on your property.

Pest Management Tips During Renovations and Constructions

a) Pest Management Before Construction

Before you start any major construction project, it is vital to plan how to manage pests in the area. You can consult a pest management professional to offer suggestions on what needs to be done and to help you incorporate appropriate pest management mechanisms. Here are some of the steps you can take before constructing to help with pest management:

  • Assess pest activity on the construction site. The first step in pest management before commencing construction activities. This is vital as it will help you decide what remedies should be put to prevent future pest damages.
  • Conduct pest pretreatment on the site. You should pretreat construction materials such as timber to protect them from pests like termites. You can also op[t to use pest-proof materials such as non-cellulose materials to avoid or minimize pest infestation after construction.
  • Inspect construction materials before use. Another way pests can find their way into your property is when you use already infested materials. Using construction materials free of pests can help you prevent potential pest damages as you get rid of them before the construction begins.

b) Pest Management During Construction and After Completion

As the construction begins, you must integrate pest management measures to avoid infestation. Most properties are susceptible to pests during construction, and there is a need for you to be on the lookout.

  • Deploy pest baits. As the construction continues, you must work with a professional pest management firm. They will help you deploy pest traps in and around the construction site to eliminate them.
  • Keep the construction site tidy. Waste and dirt can attract pests, especially rodents such as mice and termites. You can militate against pest infestation during construction; it is crucial to clean the site adequately and get rid of food remains, wood debris, and trash that could attract pests.
  • Ensure proper grading and water drainage. If your property is not graded correctly and there is inadequate water drainage, it can harbor pests, hence removing it.
  • Use sodium vapor lighting. Once your property is completed, consider using sodium vapor lights compared to the standard lights as they are not attractive to flying pests that would invade your property.
  • During landscaping, avoid plants that are attractive to pests. If you want to landscape your property, you can minimize pests by planting varieties that are less attractive to pests. Avoid flowering plants, fruit trees, and ground-covering types.
  • Use property fitting windows and doors. When fitting windows and doors on your property, ensure they are correctly fitting to prevent pests from invading your home.

c) Pest Management During Renovations

If you are renovating your property, here are some tips on how to properly manage pests:

  • Replace already infested furniture with new ones. When repairing your property, ensure you conduct an inspection on every part and ensure you get rid of elements that have already been infested by pests. This will prevent further damages.
  • Consider pretreating your materials before using them for repairs. If you are using wood to make major renovations on your property, consider pretreating them to prevent future pest attacks.
  • Use of professionals to get rid of pests. If you realize you have a pest infestation when renovating your property, consider contracting professionals such as Excel Pest Services to get rid of them. Working with a professional company spares you the hassle of having to clean your property alone while guaranteeing high returns in terms of prevention measures.

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