Eclectic Chaos & Cultural Aesthetic makes a Unique Concept for this Asian Diner | Studio GASP

A bustling neighbourhood in Pune, Viman Nagar is home to several commercial establishments. Teeming with office goers, the locality is characterised by a host of commercial activities including cultural cafes, street hawkers, store fronts creating an eclectic chaos. Mekong Folks presented a unique opportunity to make a statement that drew attention while also maintaining a[Read More]

Goan Home that Reflects Tropical Design with Multi-Cultured Elements | Rika Architecture

Rika architecture is a pune based design firm established in 2015, incorporating a wide range of architectural and interior design projects. Since its inception, we have always maintained a mix of multicultural elements in Design with a singular desire to explore the relation between buildings and nature. A family of four with two pet dogs[Read More]

Grandeur with Embellished Décor and Taupe Palette Redefining Luxury Design | Tejomaya Designs

As part of her vision to marry classical and maximalist elements in order to create perfectly luxurious and aspirational homes, redefining luxury design, Ekta uses a grand piano in the day (living) area to evoke a feeling of grandeur and regality for those who value beauty and sophistication. Grandeur with Embellished Décor and Taupe Palette[Read More]

Modern Elegance with Traditional Lines inspires this Modern Home Design | AndSpaces

Modern Elegance with Traditional Lines inspires this Modern Home Design | AndSpaces Visit: AndSpaces The owners of this 800 sq. ft. 2BHK modern home design apartment in Pune wanted aesthetic, functional and cost-effective interiors. We identified a clear liking for circular forms and arches integrated with modern style interiors. Keeping in mind all the requirements[Read More]

Artistic Design Approach with Minimal, Organic and Cheerful Material Palette | Silhouette Architects & Designers

The design of this home attempts to create luxury by weaving together, the elements of sun, water and the greenery around with inexpensive, organic & unconventional materials through a minimalistic and artistic design. Artistic Design Approach with Minimal, Organic and Cheerful Material Palette | Silhouette Architects & Designers Visit: Silhouette Architects & Designers Natural stones[Read More]

Housing Contemporary Interiors with Enchantingly Bold Palette | One Habitat Studio

We recall back then at the first site meeting with our clients, they referred to us of having darker textures, colors as the overall ambience of the house while keeping the space more “still structured” and a hint of contemporary interiors. This came out as a challenge to design and detail out every space such[Read More]

Dominance of Ordered Chaos with Recurrent Patterns & Statement Décor in Maximalist Modern Home | Cubix Global

There are no jagged edges in the décor of this modern home; everything is very soft, very Victorian, almost, very mellow and gradual. In every site, Prachi always tries to use one element as a feature and in this residence it is textures; soft, mottled and transparent – these are used rather cleverly to create[Read More]

Minimalist Modern House of Subtle Palette and Crafted Furnishings | Designers Concept

Guided by a minimalist modern house conception, ‘Anahata’ embraces a luxurious state of simplicity. This home consists of a living and dining space, kitchen and 3 bedrooms with no interior walls in between. The walls have beenthoughtfully replaced by space dividing furniture so as to utilize every nook and inch of the flat. Enveloped in[Read More]

Contemporary Interior Design with a portion of Classic Finishes | Andspaces

The homeowners aspired to own a safe haven that they could call their home. Keeping this in mind, Ankita Nand, the principal architect of AndSpaces, proceeded to create a residence that brims with understated opulence and grandeur, elements of contemporary interior design. They had previously resided in their ancestral house and hence intended a home[Read More]

Modern Design House of Bafna Residence | Nainesh Mutha Architects

The Bafna Residence, a duplex apartment in the heart of Pune, designed by Nainesh Mutha Architects, is a charming abode to the Bafna family. The house is spacious and has a sense of elegance and luxury, reflecting the owner’s aspirations of their home and elements of modern design house. On the left of the living[Read More]