vibrant And Lively Office Interior | Studio 1101

vibrant And Lively Office Interior | Studio 1101 “A workspace demands Life” – The idea of an office has come a long way from rigid cubicles and bare walls. In today’s time, an office demands vibrance where users feel lively and keep up their energy levels high. Visit: Studio 1101 In this project, all the[Read More]

The Helix Life Sciences Office Decor  | Studio Bipolar

The Helix Life Sciences Office Decor  | Studio Bipolar The client’s brief was to design an office decor for its workforce that endeavored to include every person, whether scientist or sales staff, in the company’s values and missions. They wanted the subject of their work, DNA, to be the starting point for the design concept.[Read More]

Office Space Branding to Boost Your Workplace

Gone were the days when money was an only priority while finalizing jobs, now people equally focus on the work environment, culture and office space. In a broader aspect investing in office spaces leads to happy employees and showcasing such positive employees, unique office interiors, facilities and other elements matters a lot, especially during the[Read More]