Indian Bungalow Design | Vyanjan Kale Associates.

Indian Bungalow Design | Vyanjan Kale Associates. We were commissioned to renovate an existing Ground + 2 floor bungalow with a family of 5 members. The bungalow was originally built in 2009. Over the period of time, the life style, needs and aspirations of client changed, their children grew up, so they realized their home needed[Read More]

The Breathing Courtyard | Studio Plexus

The Breathing Courtyard | Studio Plexus Studio PLEXUS is a multidisciplinary firm which deals in architecture, interior design and landscape. Founded in 2018 by Ar. Aniket Kulkarni, Studio Plexus believes in designing, reinventing and transforming living spaces to re-connect architecture with nature, through optimum use of space, natural materials, light and landscape. Cumulative overlay of multiple[Read More]