This workspace is open and inculcates fun spaces | A + C Design Studio

Located in the industrial portion of Nashik, Satpuda Engineering has an energizing workspace catering to all needs.

The transformation of the Satpuda Engineering Pvt. Ltd. office space unfolds as a testament to the company’s enduring principles and core ethos, encapsulating a narrative of growth and evolution. For the last 25 years, the administrative office coexisted within the manufacturing unit, sharing the same entrance. Our approach to revitalizing this workspace was grounded in a commitment to marry aesthetics with functionality, embodying a delicate equilibrium that mirrors the company’s pursuit of excellence also giving the administration required importance as well identity.

This workspace is open and inculcates fun spaces | A + C Design Studio

As Satpuda Engineering charts a course toward an invigorated market presence and a distinctive brand identity, the office design emerges as a canvas where innovation meets tradition. With a new generation of directors, a profound shift toward inclusivity and openness becomes the driving force. The 800 sq ft space, housing two director cabins, and workstations for 16 employees, becomes the embodiment of this transformative vision. In this complete transformation existing internal walls were demolished and the toilet block was shifted to create a single continuous space for planning. 

The necessity for a meeting or waiting area within the manufacturing unit prompted the carving of a space seamlessly connected to the office, an intersection of industry and innovation. The entry, predominantly accessed from the shop floor, underwent a thoughtful rejuvenation, introducing green spaces and transforming an empty entrance wall into a brand display showcasing the company’s products and values.

Contrastingly, the Sales and Marketing Director’s cabin exudes minimalism, accentuated by a hint of color reflecting the occupant’s persona. The communal workspace, designed as an open plan, radiates expansiveness and airiness, with magnetic glass dividers mirroring the hues from the company logo. Additional storage solutions above windows maximize the utility of available space. It has a corner to display the company’s iconic product as well as awards and recommendations.

The pervasive company brand colors, shades of blue and green, dominating the thematic landscape, serve as vibrant highlights throughout the office. The strategic placement of potted plants not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to an improved micro environment. The color palette, dominated by soothing wood tones and whites, fosters a harmonious ambiance. Storage solutions above windows seamlessly align with wall paneling, extending the color continuum to the ceiling, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing workspace. The art work like a world map in the meeting room attributes to the company’s vision of going global. Transparent cabin partitions, adorned with vinyl prints of the company’s tagline, complete the narrative, encapsulating the spirit of Satpuda Engineering’s evolution within its newly designed office space.

The director cabins, each meticulously tailored to complement the roles and personalities of its occupants, exemplify the marriage of form and function. The Design and Product Development Director’s workspace, expansive and purposeful, accommodates a generous desk for prototype evaluations and brainstorming sessions. An innovative twist reveals itself in the transformation of an old structural cupboard into a storage and display unit, adorned with handles crafted from recycled plastic extruded sections—a nod to the director’s commitment to sustainable and functional design. Peg boards from IKEA were used as display boards as well as tool rack.


Firm’s Name: A + C Design Studio

Project Type: Office Interior

Project Name: Redesigning office space for Satpuda Engineering

Location: Ambad MIDC, Nashik

Year Built: 2022

Duration of the project: 4 months

Project Size: 800 sq ft

Principal Designer’s: Ar Aditi Kulkarni

Team Design Credits ID Rutuja Shewale – Khairnar

Photograph Courtesy: What We Click – Interior Architecture photography

Firm’s Instagram Link: A + C Design Studio

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