House of Tipsy – Restaurant Design | Studio PM

House of Tipsy – Restaurant Design | Studio PM Kalaghoda boasts as a hub of culture and architecture, flanked by landmark buildings which are remnants of colonial architecture and programs that are both modern and traditional. Every building speaks of architectural brilliance and craftsmanship that seldom remain in modern construction. Thereby, we wanted the design[Read More]

The Zig-Zag Brick Wall-Office Interiors |  Neogenesis+Studi0261

The Zig-Zag Brick Wall-Office Interiors |  Neogenesis+Studi0261 Design concept: Workplaces are the controlling factor in shaping the mental health of the employees and creates an impression on the clients too. The architects realized this hence the core focus was creating a space with gravitas and at the same time affable. The building materials as well as[Read More]

Furniture Online India “Explore The Designer Within You, And Make Your Cave A Cocoon”

“Furniture, online? No, let’s go and surf some shops to see what we like and weather it would fit our requirement or not and get a few options customized for us.” “Wait, don’t be too hasty. Come and check out what I found online. It’s this new venture Snug square , an easy way out[Read More]

How to Choose the Best Recliner for Sleeping For a Contemporary Living Room

Recliners are an awesome design for sofas that shouldn’t miss in your living room. They’re so perfect for relaxation on a hot summer afternoon. If you’re the type that watches movies, a recliner can enhance your comfort. Now, is choosing a recliner easy? Of course, there are many sizes, designs, and colors. What should you[Read More]

Simple And Timeless Home Decorating Ideas

What makes home decor “classic”? If you have picked up any home interior design recently, you’ll likely view pictures of breathtaking layout, lovely sundries, and an overall beautiful, refreshing presentation. If your home seems outdated and tired, it can be difficult to imagine that these decorating ideas can be done with some simple updates and[Read More]


ELEMENTS OF PATTERNS – APPARTMENT INTERIORS | STUDIO 4 Studio 4 was a brave initiative taken up by two upcoming designers, Sagar Shah and Husain Cinemawala in 2011. In this, 4200sqft apartment interiors located in the developing area of Surat, we have tried to reflect the versatile personality of the client who is a renowned[Read More]

Inherently Sophisticated House Design -Strong yet Classic | Gaurav Kharkar and associates

Inherently Sophisticated House Design -Strong yet Classic | Gaurav Kharkar and associates Project Brief: The client wanted a modern, spacious and clutter free house where they can feel involved and feel their personality coming out in the space.This house comprises of 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, kitchen, mandir area, store room , study room, living[Read More]

Infusing A Home With A Distinctly Traditional Flavour | Usine Studio

Infusing A Home With A Distinctly Traditional Flavour | Usine Studio Prapti Mehta, a classical folk singer, a Sitar player and an ethnic wear designer by passion – was looking for an extension and to revamp her house. She wanted a complete overhaul of the existing internal spaces, with a specific requirement for ample gathering/socializing[Read More]

A Deluxe Lodging – Apartment Interiors | Amazing interiors

A Deluxe Lodging – Apartment Interiors | Amazing interiors “A young couple approached us to design their newly bought house into a home, they  wanted a minimalist yet opulent feel to their home which was contradictory in itself, so that was a challenge that we had to overcome and yet integrate it in our design” says,[Read More]

Minimalist Apartment Design | Design Experiment

Minimalist Apartment Design | Design Experiment Located in one of the most population dense cities in India, Meenakshi B101, is a mid-size 3 Bedroom apartment for a young couple as their first home together. The apartment is designed to bring forth a calm and relaxed atmosphere, that allows the mind to wander in it without any element[Read More]