A home that Explores Bespoke Accents boasting of Contemporary Maximalism | Jash Kadakiia Design Studio

This contemporary design ideology was to amalgamate as set of materials to place it where it suits the best with permutations & combinations on the solid surfaces and loose elements. Exploring the material with its different finishes to maintain the language and uniformity was at utmost priority. The whole experience of playing with the material[Read More]

10 Reasons to Choose High Pressure Royale Touche Laminates over Acrylic Laminates

The word ‘Laminate’- who today is not familiar with it? From a small retail shop to a high end residence, this is something that everyone has had their hands upon. Decorative Royale Touche laminates have been a thing of the past, they are a thing of today, and they are definitely a thing of the[Read More]

Exceptional Retail Concept That Doubles as a Lighting Store | Choreography of Spaces

The new retail space for The White Teak Company, a lighting & home décor store, at Bangalore designed by Choreography of Spaces is an attempt look at the geometries, in solid against its own wire-frame version. Exceptional Retail Concept That Doubles as a Lighting Store | Choreography of Spaces Visit: Choreography of Spaces The idea[Read More]

Luxury Apartment In Chennai has Timeless & Global Style | Midas Luxury Interiors

This 6000 sq. ft luxury apartment in Chennai has been created using timeless & global style. The design of the apartment’s interiors utilizes elements from across the world and is a reflection of the designer’s lifestyle. The interiors are bathed in natural sunlight through the day in every space of the home. It has a[Read More]

Restaurant Design Inspired From Architecture Styles of Rural Havelis and Houses of Punjab | Loop Design Studio

Baba’s restaurant design draws its inspiration from the architecture styles of rural havelis and houses of Punjab. The idea is to create an upcycled space with a traditional material pallette from around the context. Restaurant Design Inspired From Architecture Styles of Rural Havelis and Houses of Punjab | Loop Design Studio Visit: Loop Design Studio[Read More]

Bracing the Elegance of Neo Classical Design With this Residence in Ludhiana | The Design Cube

Relax and Rejuvenate!DO YOU HEAR MUSIC IN THIS ROOM? We totally do and this year music and entertainment became the biggest design trends. People started appreciating spending time with family and friends and what’s better than an entertainment room neo classical design that opens up on a terrace garden. The project came to us mid-way.[Read More]

Celebrating Indian Traditional Design with Modern Day Retail Sensibilities | JNS Design

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond — traditional design adorning them upon themselves always makes a woman feel like the Queen of the world. Similarly, having a space adorned by the creative minds of JNS Designs makes the owner of the space feel like the King of jewels. This store is designed not just for women,[Read More]

Exploring Transitional Design in the Tranquil Suburbs | Palak Shah Design Studio

The project is a magnificent transitional Design four-bedroom home in the tranquil suburbs of Abad, in the Adani Shantigram Township. The flat itself is charming; with three sides that open and faces the lake. The client is a modest family with two young children with a disciplined and upscale personality. Exploring Transitional Design in the[Read More]

Distinctively Artistic Home with Sophisticated Greens and Cheerful Aesthete | Studio MAT Architects

Why do we seek perception invoking spaces? Do we leave it to the spaces to narrate their history or do we stage spaces to Interact and Indulge in, with different narratives? Urban Grove Residence blends this into this perspective provoking spaces for art enthusiasts while the intangible subtly does its part. It effortlessly coils into[Read More]

Characterizing Leisure Living with Contemporary Architecture | i2a Architects

Gradual evolutionary shift in perception of living spaces is an evident one. The Hub, a leisure house and a fine example of contemporary architecture explores horizontality with mindful space planning. Inclusion of the courtyard is only indicative of the fact that it is the habitants trying to incorporate living spaces amidst the nature, the exteriors[Read More]