HAMRIK adorns a boutique hotel & Michelin-star restaurant in Prague, experience HAMRIK now in India

HAMRIK brings unprecedented quality and a touch of luxury to its hospitality projects, one of the latest inclusions to this Czech lighting pioneer`s wide portfolio is the boutique hotel&restaurant PALOMA, located in Prague, Czech Republic. PALOMA is the most luxurious hotel in the Czech Republic, owned by the Czech prime minister and carefully designed to[Read More]

Corporate Housing a New Concept in Hospitality

Corporate Housing a New Concept in Hospitality Considering recent trends in the housing sector, corporate housing services are living in their heydays due to incredible housing facilities. Whether there are short-term or corporate lodging locations, both are currently being fully equipped with well-furnished bedrooms, kitchens, bathroom, and outside fences, which give a lively feeling to[Read More]