Experiential Resort in Hampi Revives Heritage Opulence Redefining Luxury Design | Earthitects

This experiential resort of luxury design leads you to the old world charm of the prehistoric times and liberates you for a little tete-a-tete with the sculptural forms and ornamental details. An element of pristine luxury is the Jal Mehal suite with the living room. Looking over the ancient city, landscapes and private pool, it’s ironic how the unbuilt will constantly exchange dialogues with you while you will wish to keep listening more. The ‘mashaals’ light up the wall and the royal drapes glow, mimicking a queen’s luxury enclosure. After a brief, would you say it’s a modern take on luxury or is it the archival luxury that is needed to experience in the modern times? ~Yamini Vaswani

Experiential Resort in Hampi Revives Heritage Opulence Redefining Luxury Design | Earthitects

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The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi is synonymous with the splendor of the once glorious Vijayanagara Empire. At Evolve Back, Hampi, we have recreated this splendor by adopting the design sensibilities prevalent and typical of that era.

Our uncompromising passion towards ‘Understated Elegance’ and ‘Attention to Detail’ drove us towards perfecting the Architectural Experience of the Vijayanagara Empire. Earthitects’ unwillingness to compromise on this ‘Perfection’ in the crafting of every space, facilitated the most authentic re-creation of the luxury design sensibilities prevalent during this renowned era. Throughout the design process, we were awed by the courtly style of architecture, thus adopting the fort-like entrance, stone-paved boulevards and arched openings in our design. These elements mirror the Indo-Islamic style of the bygone but glorious era of the Vijayanagara Empire, paying homage to its visionaries, builders and architects!

Portraying historical elegance and ancient luxury, every space carefully designed and crafted with antique elements and intricate ornamentation, convey Hampi’s rich history implementing an element of luxury design. Rough granite flooring, self-colored vine inlays and wooden furniture inset with brass, highlight the courtly style of architecture of the period. An in-room Jacuzzi overlooking a private terrace is inspired by the ancient bathing experience – a dip fit for a queen! Muted colors, motifs and wall detailing inspired by the ruins, permeate every space providing a spatial experience that transports you back in time.

Paying homage to the architecture, culture and lifestyle of the Vijayanagara era, the symmetrical arched hallway is characterized by the elements that add a royal charm and a feel of luxury design to the space. The muted walls are illuminated by the soft light of the Mashal, a historic sconce which is an elegant combination of copper and wood. Bespoke urns and ornate pendant lights line the stone hallway transporting one back into the glorious 14th century Vijayanagara empire!

The Zenana Enclosure was a private royal enclosure reserved for the royal ladies of the Vijayanagara Empire. Inspired by the ‘Water Palace’ within the Zenana Enclosure, the ‘Jal Mahal’ is designed to reflect royalty at its best. The palatial deck with a ‘Mantapa’ overlooks a private pool with a stunning view of the rugged forest and boulders that form its backdrop. Illuminated by flickering lamps and the soft light of the Mashal, this unique lounging experience is surrounded by lily ponds and endless nature. Drawing inspiration from the aqueduct-fed Pushkarni or temple tanks of the Vijayanagara Empire, this monumental pool overlooks a boulder-strewn landscape. A beautifully carved Gopuram with a tiered roof forms the central pavilion of the infinity pool.

The recreation of the courtly architectural style of the Vijayanagara Empire along with our uncompromising passion for ‘Understated Elegance’ and ‘Attention to Detail’, enabled us to create an uplifting experience in this royal haven of calm. Characterized by stone pathways and natural boulders, this near Olympic-sized pool takes you backward in time for a royal dip. From its inception, the objective was to redesign the ‘Vaidyasala’, India’s ancient system of wellness, that would refresh, revive and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Softly lit by candles and the light of the Mashal, the ‘Vaidyasala’ provides the perfect ambience to harness the ancient secrets of the world’s oldest healing system. Inspired by the design aesthetic of the Lotus Mahal at Hampi, this regal space overlooks a courtyard through a series of cusped arches. Carved on a band of wood, the lotus motif which is a prominent feature in the ruins of the Vijayanagara empire, permeates the walls of the Vaidyasala. Experience rebirth at the Vaidyasala, allowing the ancient system of wellness to rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalize you.

Inspired by the Water Palace within the Zenana Enclosure, the ‘Jal Mahal’ is a reflection of the 14th century Vijayanagara architecture. Overlooking a courtyard, this private suite features a sumptuous bath adorned with regal elements. Characterized by courtly ogee arches, the outdoor shower is set amid a stepping-stone courtyard, thus removing the barrier between the indoors and outdoors. An arched door to the private pool deck lies alongside a tinted arched trellis that allows light to pass through without compromising on privacy. Embellished with stone countertops, natural wooden cabinetry with brass inlays and the soft light of the Mashal, this bathroom is the embodiment of royal luxury. With a focus on openness, the expansive bath is thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the courtly architectural style of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Set overlooking a boulder-strewn landscape, the architecture of the space reflects the regal and courtly style of the bygone 14th century Vijayanagara empire. Illuminated by the Mashal, the graceful arched hallways portray a subtle change in the design of the arches. While the ‘masculine’ arches are minimalistic and utilitarian, the ‘feminine’ arches are curved, elaborate and floral in nature. Inspired by the ‘Lotus Mahal’ of Hampi, the ornamental ‘feminine’ arches adorn the space with elegance and grace. Crafted from natural stone, the Water Deck leads to the picturesque infinity pool that holds a central tiered Mantapa. Perfectly framed within the foiled arches, the Mantapa serves as a platform for traditional events or a unique private dining experience.

Discover the lifestyle of the 14th century Rayas. Depicting ancient luxury and historic elegance, the architecture of the living space transports one back in time to the glorious Vijayanagara empire. Capturing the beauty, magnificence, culture and ethos of the 14th century empire, the space is thoughtfully designed with intricate attention to detail. Paired with traditional arched openings and niches, the courtly elements complement the rough granite flooring and polished dark-wood furniture, inset with ornamental brass motifs. Inspired by the Queen’s quarters, the softly-lit palatial room holds an in-room Jacuzzi overlooking the private terrace. Muted royal colors permeate the space reflecting the opulent lifestyle of the 14th century Rayas of Hampi.

Fact File

Designed By: Earthitects

Project Type: Hospitality Architecture and Design

Project Name: Experiential Resort in Hampi

Client: Evolve Back

Project Location: Hampi, Karnataka

Principal Architect: George E.Ramapuram

Firm’s Website Link: Earthitects

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