Choosing the Best Facial Beds for Your Salon

People go to the salons and facial treatment parlors to get pampered and feel relaxed. As an aesthetician, successful service should be your main priority. You could have the best products and the best hands, but you might not be able to deliver outstanding results to your clients without professional-looking and comfortable facial beds. Facial[Read More]

French Style Salon Interior | Amogh Designs

French Style Salon Interior | Amogh Designs A walk through salon’s passage reminds of the street French café with subtle colors, natural light and a glazed French door which nudges you to step through. Stepping through the Prussian blue arched French door, one is greeted by hues of blush pink, hinting at a happy, cheerful experience that[Read More]

Corinthian Style Salon Interior Design | P&D Associates

Corinthian Style Salon Interior Design | P&D Associates Designed to captivate the attention of the visitors, Interior is a physical interpretation of the brand which our client wanted to achieve. The salon is located in city’s prime neighborhood; Hair Saint was designed in response to a brief from the owner for a “salon unlike all others”. While searching for[Read More]

The Neo-retro Styling Place | Usine Studio
A One salon vasna

The Neo-retro Styling Place A degree Salon, Vadodara  The speedily growing salon chain A one lets each of its branches sport a uniquely designed concept and when Usine Studio was asked to brew up something interesting for their 1000 sq ft Vasna Road branch in Vadodara, the duo knew just what to do. They decided[Read More]

Salon Design – Chitte Architects
Salon Design

Salon Design – Chitte Architects Prodigiosity urges distinctiveness. Distorting the rigidity of a geometry, materializing it in a salon is something unusual and notable. In a small space, every inch counts, a 334 sqft premise that gives enough room to move around, which is really important ergonomically. Dark colors absorb the light, making a small[Read More]

Hair Salon Interior Design | The Crossboundaries

Hair Salon Interior Design  | The Crossboundaries Voluntary simplicity is certainly not new. Infact, it has been practiced and encouraged since thousands of years, literally!!! Minimalism is not cold and monotonous always. THE CROSSBOUNDARIES hereby introduces a concept entitled as “The Minimalist” where austerity is combined with vibrant and exposed services. “CUTTING EDGE” a 390[Read More]