• Choosing the Best Facial Beds for Your Salon

    People go to the salons and facial treatment parlors to get pampered and feel relaxed. As an aesthetician, successful service should be your main priority. You could have the best products and the best hands, but you might not be able to deliver outstanding results to your clients without professional-looking and comfortable facial beds.

    Facial massage is an essential service provided in any beauty salon. When you want to take your beauty spa to the next level, you need to buy trendy and elegant facial beds to accomplish your target excellently. Facial beds provide guests with a perfect place to relax and comfort.

    As clients need help when undergoing facial care, a comfortable and relaxing facial bed is crucial to make their clients feel that way. A high-quality facial massage bed has a lot of features. Customers should tailor their beds to their comfort and ease of use.

    A beauty salon facial bed is ideal for clients who like to get up and have control over their body’s vital parts that are exposed. Facial beds manufacturers have also developed large-scale facial beds for broad body types such as bodybuilders.

    The best facial beds should be able to fulfill the needs of the client and the aesthetician. Different types of facial beds are distinguished according to several characteristics. 

    Things to Consider In Choosing The Best Facial Beds


    A quality facial bed does not come cheap, and that is for sure. A great facial bed will set you back as high as $2,500, but something mid-level to help you get started can range from $600 to $1,000. Getting a quality facial treatment bed is of paramount importance because the beauty industry is all about quality. Less costly alternatives are open that offer great value but lack essential features, comfort, and durability.


    When getting a facial bed, take time to consider the size of the treatment room. It is to stop having a bed too large, making it impossible to work comfortably or for the client to move around.

    Portable Vs. Stationary

    A portable facial bed is a perfect choice for on-site treatments, or clients’ homes, as it’s easy to bring around. It is efficient and convenient; it gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. However, portable facial beds are not something that is going to last for more than ten years. You will have to buy a new one every couple of years, which is not bad considering that you should still replace the facial bed for sanitary purposes.

    A stationary bed is not intended to be brought around a lot, making it easier to add comfort features. It is very bulky and heavy, but it has a wide range of features that will keep the customers relaxed and happy. Although it carries a lot more weight than compact facial beds, it will definitely last longer. 

    Electric Vs. Hydraulic

    A hydraulic facial bed allows height adjustment and has a foot pedal that pushes the bed up and down. The hydraulic lift is intended primarily for height adjustment, and, in some cases, the hydraulic facial beds have a 360° rotational foundation, providing aestheticians with versatility and reach. 

    An electrical facial bed gives the aesthetician more control over comfort, reach, and mobility. It allows the backrest and leg-rest to be moved up and down, comes with extra cushion and support, 2 to 4 motors, and remote control to help make all the necessary adjustments to the facial bed.

    Adjustable or Static

    Adjustment is necessary to fulfill your needs and those of your customers. Various adjustment points are essential for the facial bed. This involves the angling of the back, the height, and the thighs. These adjustments make it possible for the bed to meet your clients’ comfort needs.

    Types of Facial Beds

    Massage Bed & Facial Treatment Table

    It allows for a height change of between 23 and 33 inches and can bear the weight of up to 750 pounds. The table has filing cabinets and drawers. The face and head pillow are very soft to keep you comfortable on your face’s adjustable cradle. This can also be listed as the best facial massage bed, as it can be reclined to add comfortability. 

    Hydraulic Facial Chair With Beauty Stool

    Featuring a heavy-duty hydraulic pump, this bed offers maximum height adjustment. It has flexible backrest and legs, which can tilt at 360 degrees. The end can be raised to 65 degrees above the top of the flatbed. The legs can be balanced down to 45 degrees. It makes the client relaxed and allows the aesthetician more freedom to work around. The height change is between 23 and 31 centimeters. The bed rotates horizontally, and you can lock it with a lever to keep it in place. It weighs 140 pounds and can carry up to 300 pounds.

    Adjustable Facial Chair & Massage Table

    This chair features a padded backrest that can be balanced up to 55 degrees for a more relaxed backrest. The rest of the legs will go up to 45 degrees to encourage your clients to relax their feet during the facial. The arms are easy to detach, rendering them adjustable from the facial chair to the massage bed. Lightweight and easy to handle, it makes it easy to rotate and adjust to height. It is very stable, and it can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds.

    4 Motor Spa Electric Treatment Bed and Chair

    It features four engines that allow the bed to be infinitely tilted and vertically balanced. You can move it to any angle, and the drivers are surprisingly silent. This facial bed makes a height change of between 22 and 35 inches. The backrest can be adjusted up to 80 degrees, and the leg rest can be adjusted down to 45 degrees. It weighs 250 pounds and can bear a weight of up to 350 pounds. To ensure stability for the facial bed, the legs are hidden, and it is locked while it is working. 

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