A One salon vasna

The Neo-retro Styling Place | Usine Studio

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The Neo-retro Styling Place

A degree Salon, Vadodara

 The speedily growing salon chain A one lets each of its branches sport a uniquely designed concept and when Usine Studio was asked to brew up something interesting for their 1000 sq ft Vasna Road branch in Vadodara, the duo knew just what to do.


A One salon vasna

They decided to fashion the place in a smart, Neo-retro mood, considering it is all the rage recently. The design is ruled by shades of grey with well-decided bursts of ochre yellow and brick reds. This scheme is then bathed in a soft yellow light giving the ambience a crisp yet bouncy quality. The space is topped by a ceiling where the exposed services in a calm cobalt blue dictate a sincere industrial charm.

A One salon vasna

A One Vasna

The pinewood reception desk is a stately welcome which is elegantly contrasted by the glass divider screen; the wood and glass together instil the rustic modern vibe that was intended. The stepped up waiting area has a lower ceiling than the rest of the space, which invites you in towards a large cloudy grey sofa. Retro graphics that went along with themes of salon and grooming were employed to amplify the undertone.

A One VasnaA One salon vasna

A One salon vasna

An angular juxtaposition of chequered grey and white flooring imparts a movement to the otherwise still elements that face each other covertly. The set up almost reminds one of a chess board where the mirrors and armchairs seem to be the bishops and pawns.

A One salon vasna

The rawness of the built space is utilised by leaving the brick work exposed. The flatness of the wall is skilfully articulated by projecting 5” wooden bands between which the mirror consoles appear to be nestled.


The mirror consoles that are not set against the wall are suspended from the ceiling, and hence help eliminate the visual weight from the central circulation spaces.

A One Vasna

The main feature of the make-up zone is a circular mirror where the traditional series of bulbs are done away with and instead the mirror’s periphery is etched with bulb silhouettes that are lit up from the back. It is mounted on a finished grey plaster wall whose smoothness funnels all the focus onto the mirror’s reflection.

A One salon vasna

A One salon vasna

The massage room is adorned with wooden veneered mirror and shelves with bronze articles lined upon it. This combination hints at an earthy oriental feel under warm lighting.

A One Vasna

The neutrality of the ceiling is broken only in the hair-wash zone where people are required to stare right into it. A series of rusted metal cog wheels are installed to induce a hypnosis that also continues the machine-like language of the rest of the ceiling.

The overall space is enhanced on the concept of rephrasing the retro and the result is an unswerving and weightless setting for the modern glamour regimens.

A One salon vasna



project Name : A degree salon

Project location: vadodara, gujarat

Led architect:Yatin Kavaiya & jiten tosar

architect’s firm :usine studio

Design team: divyesh padhariya

Contact email : [email protected]

Gross carpet  area: 1000 sq.ft.

Duration of execution: 2.5 months

Photo credit: Tejas Shah

PMC : Siddharth sariya

Graphics / branding : Trizon

Text -Vaishnavi Sharma

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