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Posted On April 27, 2024

20 Home Gym Ideas Spaces That Can Be Your Workout Motivation

Considering today’s time and lifestyle, it is crucial to think about home gym ideas while designing a house. At the same time, health and fitness is the need of the...

Posted On August 29, 2023

A Private Residence in Surat Built Over Spacious and Sophisticated Design Lines | R Design

Located on dense urban fabrics of Surat city ARHAM is a well carved functional space as per client requirement of different spaces. A Private residence in Surat built over spacious and...

Posted On August 09, 2023

Blending Modern Amenities with the Comfort and Familiarity of Luxurious Living | The Mark Decor

Excited isn’t the word to describe the feeling we have to finally share our latest project – The Club House at Flora Fountain! Blending modern amenities with the comfort and...

Posted On June 07, 2023

Uncluttered Composition Of Stacked Forms For A Sculptural Family Haven | Rheaa Estudio

“Ever come across a space that is elemental and humbling simultaneously? The bridge house is captivating with mature and artistic detailing and corners. The generous openings and transparent surfaces enhance...

  • Posted On June 07, 2023

    The Theme Of The Interiors Of This Gym Is Based On The Rustic Industrial Concept | Espaciolines

    “The key to great design is capturing the spirit of client and the essence of the space. “ The theme of the interiors of this gym is based on the rustic industrial concept...

    Posted On May 30, 2023

    A Barren Structure Which Is Dignified Into A Luxury Gym | Devkinand Design Studio

    The client put the requirement of converting a barren structure which is dignified into a luxury gym located in the city center. The entryway being a long alley was primary...

    Posted On April 25, 2023

    The Gym Design Is A Blend Of Modern Minimalism And The Raw, Gritty Features Of An Old Warehouse | Oris Architects

    This proposal stresses those things that define the function of the space and make possible its use, a gym. This gym is a space that boasts a raw and rugged...

    Posted On March 07, 2023

    White Feather Resort Designed Amid Natural Scenery Of Madhuban Reservoir | Rachaita architect

    White Feather Resort located of Silvassa, Dadra Nagar Haveli, Surat, where the Madhuban Reservoir welcomes the visitors to the resort which is spread across 37,000 sq.m of land. White Feather...

    Posted On January 07, 2023

    This Architectural Project Is A Conversation Between Art And Automation | PRISM design studio

    This is a renovation project where we were restricted to use all old walls with old slab levels. To reconstruct architectural elevations and transform into an eye catchy outcome. This...

    Posted On June 12, 2020

    Gym Design With Bright Lime Green Highlighted In Neutral Surrounds | SML Architects

    Gym Design With Bright Lime Green Highlighted In Neutral Surrounds | SML Architects A Fitness Centre in a quiet, leafy bylane of a Mumbai suburb provides a lean and crisp...