• The Theme Of The Interiors Of This Gym Is Based On The Rustic Industrial Concept | Espaciolines

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    “The key to great design is capturing the spirit of client and the essence of the space. “

    The theme of the interiors of this gym is based on the rustic industrial concept that bears the raw feel of the materials used, with a serene play of lighting concept and colors that blends out the overall vibe of the gymnasium and makes it a much talked of gym in the vicinity.

    The Theme Of The Interiors Of This Gym Is Based On The Rustic Industrial Concept | Espaciolines

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    The IPS (seamless cement) flooring for reception area was opted for the industrial look, and the gym workout areas would require rubber floorings and that’s where the client got convinced with the play of cement finishes in more elements thereby.

    Hence with just a variation in grey shades but keeping the base material of cement, we had the finishes on the reception table façade and also the few partition walls in the interior. The use of wood was hence cut down with the use of cement, making it look more subtle and raw.

    At the planning level, the reception area was planned in such a way that who so-ever comes to the gym reception, can have a glance of the interior workout space of the gym, though not being directly connected to that space. 

    This would let people know about the kind of atmosphere they would workout at, hence it also acts as a win win situation for our client at the marketing point. .

    The hanging metal (m.s) framework jali on the reception and the bar table are the main eye-catching feature elements in the entrance area, which contribute to the raw industrial look of the gym.

    The ceilings were kept rustic, no false ceiling done. And the lighting fixtures were hung from the ceiling with texture plaster stucco finish. Initially the client came with the brief of having a rustic and industrial look.

    This required us to make use of raw materials and blend them seamlessly, to create soothing feature elements in interior. But, he was not too affirmative about the use of any of the cement finishes.

    So initially it was all planned around wood and metal majorly. But during the design process it always felt like something was missing. It was a task to convince the client at the design stages and also during execution as to what would turn out to look best, hence frankly we had too many altercations on site vs the drawings given.

    The best of decisions were made in a joint meet on site with sampling and with agency and contractor’s presence.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Espaciolines

    Project Type : Commercial Interior Design ( Gym/ Fitness Centre)

    Project Name : Dius Fitness Point. ( D.F.P)

    Location : Motera, Ahmedabad

    Year Built : 2019

    Duration of the project : 4 Months

    Project Size : 6500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Ar. Shraboni Gajjar

    Technical Head : Raju Gajjar

    Photograph Courtesy : Hritik Sharma

    Firm’s Website Link : Espaciolines

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Espaciolines

    Firm’s Facebook Link : Espaciolines

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