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    The client put the requirement of converting a barren structure which is dignified into a luxury gym located in the city center. The entryway being a long alley was primary challenge hence designed in such a way that subtle grey colored walls and with some vibrant wallpaper makes it fun and photogenic. The ceiling there is well lit with warm profile lighting blended with duco-painted black fabricated piece.

    A Barren Structure Which Is Dignified Into A Luxury Gym | Devkinand Design Studio

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    At entry of gym has arched doors made of MS bars and glass providing partition between reception and gym-space. The word ‘Sweat’ with neon red lights and perspiring look gives entrance youthful and catchy vibe with contrasting checkered floor.

    When it comes to interior design, you must have to maintain balance between form and function. But for the interior design of gym, the warfare seizes to exist between these two and function always wins.

    As individuals look for particular surrounding that would help them follow their exercise regime in seamless manner, providing such surrounding while making it functional and aesthetic was our principal goal in this project.

    Along with the gym space for machineries, the space is also designed for copious amenities like reception, director’s office, diet café, zumba-yoga halls, crossfit area, lockers, and sauna. The color pallet has been kept in the shades of grey, black and white making the moroccan tiled floor stand out in a classic manner.

    The cafeteria and office are designed with a colorful yet soothing aesthetics. The teal blue arches with floral wallpaper calms the feel of café with white being the base color. To utilize the natural light getting from front, full-heighted glass window is provided which also adds great visual aspects for the people enjoying their diet-meal.

    The gym space is systematically equipped with gym equipments in red-black combination providing energy and youthfulness. Columns are designed cleverly by painting them grey and covering up with black MS Jali and concealed lights all through the edges of column, highlighting the mesh details on it.

    The ceiling in the gym-space is designed by splitting into two fragments of black and white contrast. The white ceiling portion is designed to blend the air conditioner and highlighted with acrylic lighting whereas black ceiling portion is supplied with track lights and hanging lights arrangement making it feel juvenile.

    Instead of overpowering the whole space with large fitness quotes which may turn monotonous with time the given word-centric 3D décor of word workout makes it unique. The floor underneath gym equipments is rubber mat and the remaining flooring is given of turf to make the space soothing to the eyes.

    Where the entire gym space feels more on spry yet virile, the zumba section is designed to feel purely dynamic as well as lively. Crossfit area and zumba section are segregated creatively with partition where artwork created on it makes it feel free spirited and pirouetted with ample colors that stand out on white colored gate.

    Inside the hall is a mirrored wall with concealed lighting across borders and wall opposite to it is biggest canvas to play with design. The entire wall is symmetrically designed highlighting centre of the wall with a colourful illustration running profile lights on both sides.

    Either sides of it are designed as a mirror image in semi-arched style made of MDF material and finished with duco-paint, painted glass as well as wallpaper. A touch of golden strips provides wall the chic look and makes it look standout. The central portion of floor is wooden tiled whilst the side segments are kept white. Core ceiling of hall is decorated with hanging lights along with artificial hanging-plants improving the freshness in room, rest portion is kept white with same colored track lights.

    The yoga corner is kept simple with a tiled wall having concealed lights all around and a Lord Buddha artifact in the centre. It feels calm and serene. All the switchboards are designed black to mould with the theme. The curtains wherever required are kept in grey and white. The overall gym is well lit as per requirement, inspiring and functional.

    Furniture Details

    Fact File

    Designed by : Devkinand Design Studio

    Project Type : Commercial Building (Gym / Fitness Centre)

    Project Name : Robust Gym

    Location : Wardha, Maharashtra

    Year Built : 2022-2023

    Duration of the project : 12 Months

    Plot Area : 8000 Sq.ft

    Built-up Area : 6000 Sq.ft

    Project Cost : 1.5 Crore

    Principal Designer : Sahil Vidhwani

    Design Credits : Divya Chhangani

    Photograph Courtesy : Mohit Sarwe

    Products/Materials/Vendors : Finishes – Duco Paint / Wallcovering / Cladding – MDF/ ACP/ Glass Construction Materials – Ultratech Cement, Sangam Steel / Lighting – Sunshine Lights / Doors and Partitions – Century Ply and MDF / Sanitaryware – Jaquar / Facade Systems – Viva ACP, MS CNC Jali Windows – Prominance Window / Furniture – MAD MYSTRY, Jerai Fitness, Being Strong / Flooring – Shyam Ceramic / Paint – Asian Paints Artefacts – DS Furnitures, Wardha / Wallpaper – Sajavat Handlooms, Wardha / Hardware – DS Furnitures.

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