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Posted On July 10, 2021

The Winners of the 2021 Kaira Looro Competition for a Women’s House in Africa

Rural development, a reduction in discrimination and the creation of a sustainable environment all depend on the hard work which every member of society invests, both directly and indirectly, in...

Posted On December 18, 2020

“International Facade Design Competition-IT/ITeS” organized by Mango Architecture

The competition was based on the philosophy that the 21st century facade needs to be adaptive and responsive to human needs, and climatic conditions along with minimizing energy consumption during operation...

Posted On December 18, 2020

Winners Announced For The Architectural Essay Writing Competition 2020 Conducted By IDHA Labs

“The Architecture Essay Writing Competition 2020” (TAEC) conducted by IDHA Labs was concluded with official result announcements made by an esteemed Jury panel, along with an opportunity for the winners to read...

Posted On September 15, 2020

Project Platypus Design Competition Announcement 2020

Project platypus have received an overwhelming 101 entries from participants coming from about 18 countries. They have managed to raise about 2,00,000 INR through registrations, which were directed to our NGO partners’ COVID relief...

  • Posted On September 01, 2020

    Architecture Thesis of the Year | ATY 2020 – COMPETITION RESULTS ANNOUNCED

    COMPETITION RESULTS ANNOUNCED Architecture Thesis of the Year | ATY 2020 theCharette encourages free flow of unfettered ideas that seek to develop ingenious solutions for complex problems of the future....

    Posted On July 31, 2020

    Alternate Realities 2020 | Architectural Competition

    This competition exists in an Alternate Reality. You make the rules in this realm. Does gravity exist? Do humans live on Earth? How far has technology advanced? You decide! The...

    Posted On June 25, 2020

    Fundraiser Design Competition: Post Pandemic Performances-Gatherings in the times of Social Distancing

    Humankind has witnessed several historic, life-changing episodes such as industrialisation, colonisation and wars, and society has always adapted to such significant milestones fruitfully. Over the years architecture too, has been...

    Posted On May 20, 2020

    The Kaira Looro Competition’s winning projects for an EOC in Sub- Saharan Africa

    Emergencies strike suddenly and without warning. They level cities to the ground and tear down buildings as though they were made of sand. In almost no time at all everything...

    Posted On January 01, 2019

    Kaira Looro Competition for Peace Pavillon in Africa

    Kaira Looro Competition for Peace Pavillon in Africa In memory of the innocent victims of war in Africa “Peace is a dream, it can become a reality… but to build...

    Posted On November 12, 2018

    Modern Mosque-Golshahr | Ahmad Saffar

    Modern Mosque-Golshahr | Ahmad Saffar This modern mosque is for the human and culture that have roots in the history and through the time their need can change and now...

    Posted On June 01, 2017

    Rejuvenating The Graveyard | Award Winning Entry At INSDAG

    Rejuvenating The Graveyard | Award Winning Entry At INSDAG The life of an architecture student is so busy that finding out time some time for some other works or competitions...

    Posted On April 13, 2017

    Winners Revealed in Competition to Redesign Mumbai’s Maharashtra Nature Park

    The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has named the winners of an international competition to redesign the city’s the Maharashtra Nature Park and the pedestrian/cyclist Bridge over the Mithi...