Rejuvenating The Graveyard | Award Winning Entry At INSDAG

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Rejuvenating The Graveyard | Award Winning Entry At INSDAG

The life of an architecture student is so busy that finding out time some time for some other works or competitions is same as finding out a diamond from a coal mine.

We tried to do it and attempted a national competition for students of architecture for the best innovative use of steel in tall building organized by INSDAG.

The brief was to design a tall building using innovative use of steel as a building material at any place in India with some ecological constraints. After a lot of brainstorming for deciding the site location, we concluded and decided to take up the project at a place which is full of steel i.e. ALANG, GUJARAT.ALANG is world’s biggest ship breaking yard.

The idea was to reuse the steel taken out of the ships to make a place for rejuvenation at a dead plot near the sea shore. As alang is known as a graveyard for ships and even for labors who died during ship breaking. So the idea was to design a ship museum and a marketplace and to innovatively use of existing material in a better way and make people aware of the things that could save a lot of capital as well as nature.

We presented our design at INSDAG office, KOLKATA and stood 3rd at National Level for this project.


Competition organizers – INSDAG

Competition type – Architecture students

Position – 3rd position at national level

Project location – Alang , Gujarat


Team members –  Mohit Natan, Garbhit Naik , Neel Patel


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