Architecture Thesis of the Year | ATY 2020 – COMPETITION RESULTS ANNOUNCED

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Architecture Thesis of the Year | ATY 2020

theCharette encourages free flow of unfettered ideas that seek to develop ingenious solutions for complex problems of the future.


The ‘Architecture Thesis of the Year | ATY 2020’ is an international architecture thesis competition organized by theCharette. The aim of the competition is to extend appreciation to the tireless effort and exceptional creativity of student thesis in the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape and Restoration. We seek to encourage young talent in bringing their path breaking ideas to the forefront on a global scale. The competition received over 1000 entries from 104 nations across the world. See the crème de la crème of thesis projects from students all over the world for the 2020 edition of the competition.

For the purpose of publishing online, the winning entries for the ‘Architecture Thesis of the Year | ATY 2020’ can be downloaded at:

The full results, including the winners, the honourable mentions, and the top 30 shortlisted entries can be viewed at:


· MARCIO KOGAN (Studio MK27, Brazil)

· BRUNO ROLLET (Bruno Rollet Architecte, Paris)

· DANIELA DEUTSCH (Associate Prof., NewSchool of Architecture & Design, California)

· DR. CAROLINE HACHEM-VERMETTE (Assistant Prof, University of Calgary, Canada)

· STEFAN KRISTOFFERSON (Stratic, Germany, Sweden & India)


1 st Prize Winner

ISTHME // L e CHAOS SENSIBLE by Dafni Filippa and Meriam Sehimi from Germany took home the top prize with their people oriented project. The students from the Technical University of Munich designed a scheme that the jury described as “poetic, based on real-life observations, lightweight and extraordinarily beautiful.” Jurors loved the simplicity and fluidity of the masterplan and how another culture is interpreted. They felt that drawings are adequate, sensitive and stunning.

2 nd Prize Winner

Fabiola del Carmen Cruz Ballardo, from Peru, won second place for her project, AMAZONIA TRANS _ TRI _ FRONTERIZA. Three countries: Peru, Brazil, Bolivia; and two communities: Mancheron, Yamaha. All separated by artificial borders. Nevertheless, they share a common Amazonian culture. There is a will to unite people in this project, to respect different traditions, to propose different places, uniting past present and future with traditional languages, medical plants and culture. A « bridge » is created to consolidate this place and to respect it through the world: it can be seen like an SOS. Because this project is also implicitly about the amazon forest: calling to save its richness, be it natural or cultural.

3 rd Prize Winner

Third place in the competition went to Philip Springall from United Kingdom. His project is a multidisciplinary exploration of Alzheimer’s disease, architecture and neuroscience. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that slowly strips away the notions of place, memory, identity and the self. The project investigates the role that architecture and the built environment can play in improving the lives of those with Alzheimer’s disease. The jury felt that the project “…contemplates a powerful concept which might have great applications in the real world.”

ARCHITECTURE THESIS OF THE YEAR | ATY 2020 The ATY Competition is an annual competition and will be released again in Summer of 2021.

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