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Posted On February 03, 2024

Tropical Aesthetic Design Is Tailored To Suit Individual Preferences | 9 Degree Design Studio

The tropical aesthetic design is tailored to suit individual preferences and architectural styles, creating a unique and memorable experience. The main door creates a stunning and unique entrance to the...

Posted On August 05, 2023

A Rich Concoction Of Earthy & Pastel Hues is Seen In This Abundant Abode | 9Degree Design Studio

From the very entrance, this modestly palatial home traps us in its trance with its charm, grandeur, and cheerful palette! Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a rich concoction of earthy &...

Posted On August 20, 2022

Classic Mid-Century Abode sprinkled with Ecstasy and Vibrancy | 9 Degree Design Studio

The house is a classic mid-century, art deco, and modern style interiors sprinkled with ecstasy, vibrancy, and charm. This exemplary house is huge yet comforting for the family members to...

Posted On July 13, 2022

Top 20 Architects & Interior Designers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

We have listed the 20 Best Architects and Designers in and around Ahmedabad, Gujarat who has shaped some of the best architectural residences and commercial spaces. Of the many architects...

  • Posted On September 22, 2021

    Subtle, Neutral Colours With A Mix of Matte and Glossy Elements in this 4BHK Apartment | 9 Degree Design Studio

    We had to design a house for a close-knit and fun-loving family of 6 members- parents, son, daughter, and grandparents. Every member had their concepts and styling ideas but to...

    Posted On January 05, 2021

    Bungalow Interior With Bold Designs That Reflect A Strong Sense Of Individuality | 9 Degree Design Studio

    Bungalow Interior With Bold Designs That Reflect A Strong Sense Of Individuality | 9Degree Design Studio Concept Note & Client’s Expectation: We had to design a house for a hearty...