Classic Mid-Century Abode sprinkled with Ecstasy and Vibrancy | 9 Degree Design Studio

The house is a classic mid-century, art deco, and modern style interiors sprinkled with ecstasy, vibrancy, and charm. This exemplary house is huge yet comforting for the family members to enjoy the serenity. This home is unquestionably no less than a regal retreat with every element striking a graceful cord and blending in genially!

Classic Mid-Century Abode sprinkled with Ecstasy and Vibrancy | 9 Degree Design Studio

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This entrance & porch design, beyond doubt, exudes tranquility in the air – a perfect example of simple yet grand! Here we see the plush dark marble flooring flowing smoothly against the golden brown wooden door and ceiling.

While the white background neutralizes the aura of the zone, the addition of a swing sofa and wooden rafters adds to the drama. Also, you can see a seating area with a couple of vivid chairs and a Buddha sculpture. The entire portion seems cozy, relaxing, refreshing, and romantic. Imagine sitting there with a cup of tea (or coffee) and watching the sunrise or sunset – it will surely make for a heartful experience!

The living room designs show off vibrant colors against a subtle white wall paint. The splash of pastel shades all across the living area oozes a playful and laid-back environment. The guests will undoubtedly feel at home and chirpy once they set foot in this charismatic living room.

Light blue and olive green tones enhance the lively spirit of the living room, whereas the various hues of brown, highlighted in different sections, set in authenticity. The textured Italian marble flooring rolls fluently, making the floor lustrous and classy. On the contrary, the false-ceiling design takes a modern outlook with designer & zig-zag lines and plush lighting.

The traditional-themed centerpiece, the small cultural paintings, and the stylish hanging clock sprinkle vintage magic to the overall stretch. Pots, plants, and artifacts further complete and beautify the final look. Not to forget the earnest TV unit design and the snappy accent wall – is the whole setup not on-fleek against all the features? We can noticeably sense the laughter and smiles in this living room when family and friends get together!

The dining area looks collectively cool and alluring. The usage of pastel blue tint in various elements of the dining area underlines the conciliating appeal of ocean waves. Here again, we can see how meticulously the designer has fused contrasting shades of brown in individual components.

The kitchen showcases an English-style bottom cabinet design in royal baby blue. Additionally, the finishes in the wall units are high gloss and matte white and include one cute wooden open box. The backsplash is the result of the charming fusion of blue and white, displaying a geometric stencil.

We can also see a breakfast counter with fancy storage and ample legroom for a quick breakfast and chit-chat. The kitchen looks wholesome and graceful, with every item complementing each other.

Framed with love for a gift to the Gods – the pooja space design is truly spectacular in appearance! The mandir consists of mahogany woodwork with flawlessly carved motifs and a small extended platform to keep the ornaments. Next to the pooja unit, you can see a storage unit in winter white with a tiny niche for the artifacts.

The guest bedroom accentuates a calm and composed design. The soft tints of brown and grey make the room inviting, promising the guests to get a peaceful good night’s sleep. When we talk about the features, the accent wall is a washed-out rectangular design, and the headboard comprises a tricolor combination of golden brown, beige and white. The elongated hardboard serves as a frame for the bed and the side tables.

This master bedroom looks as if it is designed specifically for the king and queen themselves. The designer wall with the chess pieces and the brilliant spotlights is hugely eye-catching. Besides, the bed design, the blinds, the side tables, and the trimmed adjacent wall collectedly supplement the echo. While the flooring is traditional, on the other hand, the false ceiling is genuinely eccentric and ultra-modern.

A 3D textured headboard cum accent wall in pearly white with a super groovy mirror — do you want any more thrill in your bedroom?! If your answer is YES, then we bring you a woody window seating packed like a bundle of joy! While golden brown and white dominate the bedroom design, the touch of ashen grey in the side table and the artifacts uplifts the total mood.

The daughter’s bedroom differs strikingly from the son’s bedroom. This bedroom is more towards making grand gestures and less towards subtlety. Except for the conventional flooring and ceiling, every component in this bedroom speaks per se. The hanging bed against the prominent accent wall and the captivating centerpiece are self-praised.

It was their dynamic spirit that gave us extensive ideas of incorporating fun segments and designs. Without any hassle, we put together some brilliant concepts to fill this sublime house with pristine interiors.

Most people often neglect the bathrooms, and as a result, when the whole house is shiny and new, the washrooms do not blend well. But here at 9 Degree Design Studio, we make sure that every nook and corner of your house brags about your personality and style. Hence, we came up with lavish bathroom designs for all the bedrooms. The bathrooms showcase polished woodwork and glistening tiles in independent colors like champagne beige, galaxy grey, powder grey, and satiny copper.

Fact File

Designed by: 9 Degree Design Studio

Project Name: Nandanbaug

Project Type: Residence Architecture & Design

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Year Built: 2021

Duration of project:  9 Months

Built up: 2588 Sq.ft

Project Size: sq feet : 3880 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 80 Lac

Principal Architect: Chirag Mehta

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

Products & Materials: Sanitaryware: Jaquar | Windows:  Fenesta | Paint:  Asiant  Paint | Hardware: Hettich

Firm’s Website Link: 9 Degree Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: 9 Degree Design Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: 9 Degree Design Studio

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