Minimalist Home with Contemporary Aesthetics | Woodcraft International

A 3 BHK well-lit , ventilated  apartment located in the city of Gurugram spread over 2000 square foot. Our client’s brief was “Everything Minimalist”.  We believe Minimalism and functionality go hand in hand. Clean lines,  uncluttered, monochromatic simplicity & color accents. Idea was to create a soothing and inviting space that has a timeless aesthetic[Read More]

Contemporary Interior Design with a portion of Classic Finishes | Andspaces

The homeowners aspired to own a safe haven that they could call their home. Keeping this in mind, Ankita Nand, the principal architect of AndSpaces, proceeded to create a residence that brims with understated opulence and grandeur, elements of contemporary interior design. They had previously resided in their ancestral house and hence intended a home[Read More]

Farzi Café : Classy Chic Café Design | Studio Skapa Architects

We were commissioned the task of renovating Farzi Café, located in a high end mall in the city center immediately after the first lockdown was lifted with an idea of chic café design. The only brief we received from our clients was that they are looking for something refreshing and ‘Hip’. Our challenge was to[Read More]

Modern Take on Classical Design Elements Graces this Residence in Gujarat | Tvashta Architects

This house is designed to meet and desires and needs of each family member in mind. We believe a home must be a reflection of one’s persona. Here the idea was to create this house in the modest, 5215 sq.ft. east facing plot, overlooking to the beautiful trees in the front. Understanding the family needs was[Read More]

Blend of Bold And Subdued, this Experience Center is Unconventionally Immersive and ‘Muselabby’ | Muse Lab

Exhibiting the brand identity of the luxury modular kitchen and wardrobe in this experience center, is anything but conventional. Right through the entrance, while your eyes are exploring along the curves and arches, they begin a dialogue with two different samples of modular kitchen through a capsule-like opening leaving you with a desire to explore[Read More]