• Informal Elegance Atop The 54th Floor of Minerva Tower in Mumbai | Studio Threshold

    Atop the 54th floor of the iconic Minerva Tower in the heart of South Mumbai, where every corner breathes a tale of luxury and opulence, Lokhandwala Builders have crafted a haven of informal elegance. This interior marvel, designed by Studio Threshold for one of the tallest residential towers in India, redefines the conventional concept of a sales office.

    Informal Elegance Atop The 54th Floor of Minerva Tower in Mumbai | Studio Threshold

    Minerva Tower

    Space Planning

    This sales office spans approximately 2000 square feet. The space is not merely serving as a space to close deals but rather designed as an immersive experience to tantalize the senses. Also, evokes the feeling of stepping into one’s future home.

    Minerva Tower

    From the moment one steps into the reception area, the ambience whispers tales of luxury intertwined with warmth. The sleek yet inviting design sets the tone for what lies ahead.

    Minerva Tower

    The ethos behind the design was clear: to shatter the conventional barriers of formality and create an environment that resonates with the essence of a home.

    It seamlessly blends comfort, sophistication, and a panoramic view of Mumbai’s Mahalakshmi Race Course.

    Minerva Tower

    Instead of sterile boardrooms, the office boasts two meeting rooms. They resemble cozy informal discussion rooms, complete with plush sofas, armchairs, and elegant center tables. Thus, prospective buyers aren’t just clients; they’re guests welcomed into the lap of luxury.

    But perhaps what sets this sales office apart is its ability to transcend the transactional nature of the real estate industry.

    Here, buying a property isn’t just a transaction; it’s an experience, a journey into a world where luxury meets comfort and formality gives way to warmth.

    Of course, no space is complete without attention to the finer details, and the Minerva Tower Sales Office is no exception.

    Additionally, from the meticulously curated artwork adorning the walls to the luxurious finishes that exude understated elegance. Every element is thoughtfully curated to evoke a sense of exclusivity and refinement.

    Manager’s Cabin

    Moving further, central to the design is the manager’s cabin, a sanctuary of productivity and comfort. Here, sleek lines meet ergonomic furniture, creating a space where creativity flows freely. The cabin serves as the nerve center of the sales team, commanding a commanding view of both the office space and the mesmerizing skyline beyond.

    In summary, as prospective buyers step into the Minerva Tower Sales Office, they aren’t just greeted by a space. They’re welcomed into a lifestyle—a lifestyle characterized by elegance, sophistication, and the unmistakable charm of South Mumbai.

    And in this oasis of informal luxury, dreams aren’t just sold; they’re realised.

    Fact File

    Designed by:
    Studio Threshold

    Project Type: Office Interior Design

    Project Name: Minerva Tower- Sales Office

    Location: Minerva Tower, South Mumbai

    Year Built: 2024

    Duration of the project: 4 Months

    Project Size: 2000 Sq.ft

    Principal Architects: Ar. Chirag Kapadia & Ar. Sandesh Rane

    Photograph Courtesy: Studio Threshold

    Products/Materials/Vendors: Sanitaryware – Kohler / Flooring – marble / Paint – Asian Paints

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Threshold

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Studio Threshold

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