“Devanand Silk Creation” – Where Traditional And Modern Commercial Design Harmoniously Coexist | Mooltatva Design Studio

Architect Ajay Urgunde is known for his philosophy of creating designs that amalgamate the traditional and modern elements. His latest project in the city of Kalaburagi, which has a rich history from the reign of Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas to Aurangzeb, is a perfect example of this philosophy. Ajay believes that history repeats itself, and he wanted to create a design that pays homage to the city’s rich cultural heritage while still being modern and functional. Based on the principles of our lead designer, “Mooltatva Design Studio” designed “Devanand Silk Creation” – where traditional and modern commercial design harmoniously coexist.

“Devanand Silk Creation” – Where Traditional And Modern Commercial Design Harmoniously Coexist | Mooltatva Design Studio

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The project was a commercial space design for a client who wanted an unconventional design that gave the perception of a larger area.

Ajay’s team wanted to create a theatrical design that engaged the observer with space, invoking curiosity and attention to detail while grabbing attention towards the products.

The space was spatially divided without the use of literal partitions and included a Prime saree section and chic lehengas section with a Display area, waiting area, changing room, small storage for exclusive sarees, and other service areas.

To achieve a timeless design, Ajay used a monochromatic palette with shades of cream, brown, and grey that harmoniously blended with the commercial products envelope.

The intensive geometry of the arches created a depth of pause, while the brick textures displayed a tactile movement on the wall instead of the flooring. Sculptural lighting elements were used along with bespoke furniture to add to the quality of tradition, and the right undertones for veneer enhanced its grandness.

One of the unique aspects of the project was the use of certain highlights of sagwan elements procured from the antique furniture market.

The addition of heirloom copper and wooden trunk as a center table, relic copper, and sagwan detailed corners, along with other collector items like brass hangers and designer hobnails, were starking aspects of the project.

The reuse of Sagwan railing as a space divider functionally but not visually, for different sections, gave the space a dynamic look.

Another modern take on the age-old marble inlay in Mughal architecture was the use of rough Shahbad stone as flooring with brass patti as the inlay.

Collaborating with local artisans to make ample use of native skills to create Pichwai Paintings and Mughal-inspired paintings of flowers and leaves gave the space a composed look.

For Ajay, the idea of rekindling timeless interiors was the driving philosophy of the project. Restoring and reusing strategies were also incorporated into the design, owing to the rich culture of Gulbarga.

The project took around four months to realize, and despite its fair share of challenges, Devanand silk creation celebrates the city’s inherent past embodying modern living.

The final result was a unique and visually stunning commercial space that seamlessly blended traditional elements with modern design techniques. The owners of the store are now a delighted family who runs an age-old business in this slice of history.

The space has regained the consciousness regarding customer movements and patterns, and the use of certain elements of the city’s past has created a dynamic and engaging design.

In conclusion, Ajay Urgunde’s project in Kalaburagi is a testament to his philosophy of creating designs that pay homage to the past while being modern and functional.

The use of traditional elements and modern techniques created a unique space that engages the observer and highlights the products. The project also celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the city and incorporates restoring and reusing strategies to create a timeless design.

Fact File

Designed by : Mooltatva Design Studio

Project Type : Commercial Building

Project Name : Devanand Silk Creation

Location : Kalaburagi, Karnataka

Year Built : 2022- 2023

Duration of the project : 4 Months

Project Size : 2000 sq.ft

Principal Architect : Ar. Ajay Urgunde

Team Design Credits : Minal. M. Niturkar & Ar. Rameshwari Kolge Patil

Photograph Courtesy : Hemant Patil photography

Firm’s Website Link : Mooltatva Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link : Mooltatva Design Studio


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