What Are The Types Of HVAC Economizers?

The HVAC economizer is a system that takes in air from the outside, which is at a lower temperature and humidity level. This cools the building and lowers the pressure on the AC unit, which does not have to run so often. This, in turn, minimizes energy consumption and thus lowers energy costs.

The dampers in the system control the amount of air drawn in, circulated, and expelled from the building. The sensors and controllers in the economizer assess the outside temperature and humidity and determine whether it is proper enough. When the outside air meets the requirement, the dampers open to allow the air in, and the compressors shut off.

When the outside temperature is hot, the dampers close to minimize the ventilation and the compressors restart to begin the cooling again. So what are the various types of HVAC economizers that will enhance efficient energy usage? Continue reading to learn more about it.

What are the types of economizers?

1) Wet bulb economizer

Also known as a single enthalpy economizer that utilizes a sensor to evaluate the heat and humidity outside and thus determines how the economizer will operate.

2) Dry bulb economizer

This economizer can only sense the temperature of the outside air. It cannot assess the humidity level outside. Due to this, the dry bulb economizer does not offer adequate comfort and cooling indoors. However, they are less costly as compared to other economizers in terms of installation and maintenance.

3) Differential enthalpy economizer

The differential enthalpy economizer utilizes two sensors to evaluate the outdoor enthalpy and the return air enthalpy.

Where is the best place to install an HVAC economizer?

The best place to install an HVAC economizer is the rooftop. It may come in-built into the roof HVAC system. But if an HVAC system does not come with an economizer, then the experts of the HAC unit can perform retrofitting to put one in your HVAC system. The retrofitting of an economizer does not need significant mechanical or structural work. The economizer device is moderate in size, so it will easily fit into your already present unit.

Even though a dry and cool climate is the best area for an HVAC economizer, these units also work efficiently and effectively in hot and dry climates where the days are hot and the nights are cool with only a few bouts of sticky weather conditions. Depending on where you live, you should get professional advice from your closest utility bidder regarding the benefits of an economizer. Some areas require the installation of an economizer to conserve energy.

In conclusion

Including an economizer in your HVAC system can do wonders in terms of energy usage and energy costs. It provides several benefits for commercial building owners where the structure is large with an open interior space. And like other units, HVAC economizers also require regular maintenance to maximize energy savings.

Many things can happen over time as the device is usually placed on the roof. So constant care and maintenance can minimize wear and tear and prolong its lifespan. You can get HVAC experts to do the inspection and maintenance needed. In this way, you can ensure efficient energy usage and savings.

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