Seamless Luxury with Minimalist Elegance| Pragati Saggar Designs

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A minimalist home that the clients can call it their “Dream Abode” was the main- stay in developing every space of the house. We designers delved in understanding the client’s needs, their taste, lifestyle and requirements thoroughly. To our delight we were on the same page with clients and turning all our visions into reality was a beautiful journey. The “Dream Abode” exudes luxury yet warm and welcoming contemporary design appeal. There is utmost importance to functionality, yet maintaining all the exquisiteness throughout the house. The dominant colour palette is neutral with splash of colour as an accent feature with the elegance of minimalism.

Seamless Luxury with Minimalist Elegance | Pragati Saggar Designs

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The small entrance lobby has a tinted wall panelling to create the illusion of a larger expanse yet becoming a statement wall. Two bright coloured visitor chairs create a colour highlight complemented with a big wall hanging on the opposite wall which is camouflaging the electrical distribution board. Under it is the classy console to keep the artefacts and plants but also serves the dual purpose of a shoe console. The corner hanging lights and niche pendant lights add dramatic highlight to the space.

The formal drawing room is cosy yet spacious. The main sofas are made in elegant grey tone and a break of colour with green sofa and an accent floral chair on the opposite side.

The wooden panelling and Italian marble cladding adds richness to the space. The distressed mirror behind the textured bar console makes an interesting focal feature. The handpicked plants and artefacts complete the warm ambience. The painting on the wall is a conversation starter, as desired by the clients and is a reflection of their personal choices.

The partition between the living and drawing room has been designed such that there can be privacy at either ends. The two sliding glass doors allow natural light to pass through and the solid partition hosts the sliders inside when opened. The partition is the backdrop for the LCD console towards the living room, allowing uninterrupted viewing and seamless flow of the movement from the side.

The living and dining area open up to a beautiful terrace space bringing the outdoor-indoors to savor the nature. The place is flooded with lots of natural light which livens up the space.

The console with mirror and buffet unit are the two eye catchy pieces in the dining area. The beautifully carved drawers of the console serve the purpose of keeping handy stuff like notebooks, pen, paper& keys. The buffet unit is utilised for stacking crockery. The hand-wash in the corner is a useful entity near the dining. The side room comes in handy for extra storage and managing the laundry & ironing.

Master bedroom is developed on a minimalist elegant theme. The dark brown veneered polished furniture with cream colour vitrified floor tiles & furnishing makes the ambience extremely soothing.

The magnificence is created with the luxe metallic wall texture and the attractive metal rimmed round mirror, console & corner hanging lights. The planters in corners complete the feel of the room.

Parents room encompasses all the essential requirements of a comfortable bed , a small study , ledge sitting, dressing, LCD unit and cupboard space at hands-on proximity. The colour theme is subtle to make the room look spacious .The sides of the ledge sitting allows space for spill over storages.

The over-all theme of the daughter’s room is in neutral grey , white with  wooden finish. Incorporated a cosy reading nook in the daughter’s room with ample storage for books and a guitar to cater to her specific requirements, which completely reflects her personality of an avid reader and love for music.  

The playfulness is generated in the form of accent lounge chair with ottoman in the corner with contrasting cushions and suspended hanging lights in front of the smart PU finished panelling. The same PU finish has been used as the highlight in the book unit too.

The powder toilet is cladded with subtle grey wall tiles, accentuated with metal profiles at joints. The floor tiles are of rustic copper finish. The wooden battened ceiling pattern creates an interest and compliments the wooden panelling on the side of the mirror.

Fact File

Designed by: Pragati Saggar Designs

Project Name: Dream Abode

Project Type: Residence Interior design

Client Name: Nidhi & Akhil Daga

Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Project Size: 3350 Sq.ft.

Year Built: 2021

Principal Architect: Pragati Saggar

Team Design Credits:  Sonali Andani & Naina Parwani

Photograph Courtesy: Studio Anjor

Firm’s Instagram Link: Pragati Saggar Designs

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